AGROTECH (8-10.10.2021)

XXVI Międzynarodowe Targi Techniki Rolniczej AGROTECH

xarvio™ BASF Digital Farming GmbH

<p><strong>xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions</strong></p>
<p>xarvio Digital Farming Solutions – powered by BASF – is the umbrella brand of the digital products SCOUTING, FIELD MANAGER &amp; HEALTHY FIELDS. Based on a global leading crop model platform the digital products deliver independent field-zone-specific agronomic advice enabling farmers to produce their crops most efficiently save time, optimise crop production while making a contribution to sustainable agriculture.</p>
<p>We started to develop our algorithms more than 25 years ago, on real fields. Our products are being used by farmers in more than 100 countries worldwide.</p>
    Godziny otwarcia
    • 08 X 2021
      10:00 - 17:00
    • 09 X 2021
      09:00 - 17:00
    • 10 X 2021
      09:00 - 17:00