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2nd Industrial Laser and Laser Technology Expo STOM-LASER
Date of next exhibition: 2015 

STOM-LASER The first STOM-LASER edition took place from 26 to 28 March 2014 has gone down in history.For the first time in its history, Targi Kielce was the venue for the début fair focused on laser and industrial utilisation of laser technology exhibition. Targi Kielce hosted a few dozens of companies which represented the 10 countries, including companies from Italy, Austria, Great Britain and the United States.

The expo was the showcase for the latest business sector's offer as well as innovative technologies and equipment. The STOM-LASER Expo has been the response to the market demand demonstrated by a large number of exhibitors; the entrepreneurs involved in this business sector. The expo generated an avid interest among specialists.

The companies joining the STOM 2014 put on display lasers used for production systems as well as laser machines dedicated for metal processing.Trade fair visitors had the chance to become familiar with equipment used for production process automation and for machine part and tool regeneration.The Kielce expo was also the showcase for the latest techniques of laser and hybrid welding, laser hardening, laser deposition technologies in addition to 3D laser cutting.

Simultaneously with the STOM-LASER, the exhibitions focused on metals and sheet metal processing were held. These were STOM-TOOL and STOM-BLECH.The Process Virtualisation Expo also made its début.We dare say that the début trade show took the visitors' hearts by storm.The 3D Printing Day held within the scope of WIRTOPROCESY attracted a whole array of specialists; the event did hit the bull's eye then. The total exhibition area accounted to 5,056 m2.

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