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The MASZBUD expo’s partner has gained a new authorisation

PIMB has become a notified body to carry out approval tests for type-series and particular vehicles

Przemysłowy Instytut Maszyn Budowlanych
PIMB boasts a long-standing tradition on scientific work as well as research and development projects in addition to production implementation of construction machines, crane and transport appliances, technical rescue equipment and defence gear
Upon the Decision of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy TD-5ms-027-4/13 of 28th October 2013 the Construction Equipment Research Institute Ltd was appointed the notified body to carry out type series homologation tests as well as particular vehicles approvals. The scope of responsibilities:

1) homologation range:
a) WE type vehicles or M,N and O vehicle homologation tests
b) equipment or part homologation tests for the following categories: M, N, O,
c) to carry out:
- production compliance tests for vehicles of the following categories: M, N, O
- equipment or part production compliance tests for vehicles of the following categories

2) admittance for particular vehicles use, technical conditions or requirements compliance examinations for a particular vehicle in order to certify a particular vehicle for use in the: M, N and O categories.

MASZBUD expo is held simultaneously with the AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA, ROTRA and TRAFFIC-EXPO-TIL - the accompanying events complement and expand the product and service assortment of the exhibition, and thus create a comprehensive, all-encompassing display and review of the offers put on display by companies from home and abroad.

The MASZBUD product and service range encompasses products necessary for road network construction and maintenance – the exhibition stands will be a display for machines and appliances used for earthworks, concrete production and transport as well as finishing works equipment. Exhibitors will put on display cranes and vertical lift appliances in addition to highly specialised construction-site vehicles. Construction machine components and elements make up a substantial part of the expo; this section is complemented with pneumatic, hydraulic and electric tools and machine tools.
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