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20th International Logistics Fair LOGISTYKA
Date of next exhibition: 1-4 September, 2014 

LOGISTYKA The 19th International Logistics Fair is to be held in Targi Kielce from 2nd to 5th September. This year’s expo will be the showcase for state-of-the-art products and solutions in uniforms, food products and equipment used for meal preparation, storage and transport. There will also be a display of medical equipment and materials, communications and IT systems. The expo provides a chance to become familiar with electronic engineering solutions, devices and equipment be used by the Border Guards, the Police, the Fire Services and the National Civil Defence.

LOGISTYKA The International Defence Industry Exhibition is traditionally held at the same time as LOGISTYKA.; this combination provides a unique chance to see what soldiers and other uniformed services need in their work. Heavy-duty engineering vehicles as well as remote-controlled appliances in addition to cutting-edge solutions for safe equipment and gear transport will be put on display in the exhibition halls.

Within the scope of LOGISTYKA expo, the PIAP (Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurement) will be presenting its latest achievement; the construction is the fruit of European Union project. The TALOS is an unusual patrol and supervision robot; the Marek is a specialised engineering robot designed to be used in EOD / IED missions. These are the most difficult and dangerous combat operations associated with convoy protection, access road clearing, mine and blind shell removal and neutralisation.

If you are a military aficionado, the expos held in Targi Kielce from 2nd to 5th September 2013 are the events you must attend.
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