The event starts in:

europejska wystawa psów For many years, the International Pedigree Dog Exhibitions staged in Targi Kielce and organised by the Kielce division of Polish Kennel Club have generated an avid interest among exhibitors and visitors. There are many success-factors.  The dog shows co-organizer – Targi Kielce team has been successfully dealing with even the most mundane yet extremely important problems - ... cleanliness and order is a big plus. Dog shows are specific in their nature – things may happen. Targi Kielce has been 100% successful "(Joanna Marciniak, Clumber Spaniel breeder, November 2015).

The Kielce exhibition centre has yet another advantage – cutting-edge infrastructure which meets the most demanding customers' expectations -... Targi Kielce offers a lot of space, the rings are separated from each other which reduces dogs' stress." (Jolanta Sadzyńska Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeder, November 2015).

These and many other Targi Kielce's advantages have paved the way for the Centre to become the arena for the 2018's European Dog Show. The event preparations are in a full swing – the Polish Kennel Club makes all possible attempts to bring together a group of the world's best judges.