The ambassador's expo stand abounds with crazy projects.  Two-wheeled, tri-cycles and many other  Special-purpose bikes, tailor-made bikes, celebrity bikes, electric novelties and most importantly:  Materialize - this year's Las Vegas winner on show at the Kielce Bike Expo!  Come and meet Adam in person, talk about about unique projects and find out how it feels to create bikes from scratch.

Adam Zdanowicz - the brand creator won the rock stars’ hearts -  his bikes those who have had special requests, Slash from Guns N 'Roses, Aleksander Milwiw-Baron, Michał Szpak and Zbigniew Hołdys and many other  ... Adam turned his passion into business - after graduation he faced a career choice.  It all started six years ago in the garage, now hos passion advanced to become the largest bicycle design and production workshop.

Adam and his MAD Bicycles team help people realize crazy visions.  April 2019 - Adam returned from Las Vegas with the main prize he won at the international custom bike exhibition OBC 2019.  The Best One Off Radical Custom for the amazing Materialize bikes was one of his achievements. Polish premiere is scheduled to take place at the tenth Kielce Bike Expo.

 MAD Bicycles 

Dreams - mundane and crazy. This is the basic division.  Those that have wheels and those that have not yet been given wheels is another division.  People turn to MAD Bicycles for help in the vision realisation,  this process made us understand that restrictions do not exist. Limitation is just a word in the dictionary used as an excuse for most people.

Look and see - the product was made with passion, it is clear  it has a soul. Everyone can feel it. From the euphoric compliments of observers to the calm "That's a very nice bike, kid." -  heard from the mouth of the godfather of custom bicycles from California.  Bicycles from Podlasie have been on many people’s lips, but Guns N'Roses, Polish stage stars and buffalo breeders from Pennsylvania have never mentioned them before.  To deserve their attention we had to create a new quality and redefine what a Polish bicycle is meant to be.  There was also a proper dose of Podlasie folklore.  Is it possible to smuggle Podlasie themes in a futuristic bike? Can an electric bicycle have wooden hut designs?  Can you make a bike from Podlasie water?  The word MAD does not contain “if” doubt.  No one had seen this doubt for a long time. Products made in the largest custom bike workshop in Poland have one thing in common: no restrictions. The atmosphere make creators sure, not disturbed by fear of failure. We are visited by people who do not fit into standards. They look for tailor-made solutions, but most importantly - they want to feel free  because they have had enough of restrictions caused by their physical imperfections. Sometimes they also need enhance their unique image. While climbing up the development ladder we came to the moment when we began to add the next steps ourselves.  Creating innovative products have become our greatest asset and a curse at the same time.  The search for the right form and function can take months,  however satisfaction and recognition cannot be overestimated. You can see it in people’s eyes.  MAD Bicycles stands for dreamlike bikes - these two are synonymous. This is only a modest fruit of people’s work, hands and minds. No catalogues or brochure can describe the creative processes that led to unique bike creation.  Simple yet seemingly impossible solutions cannot be described in words. This is what makes this brand and its products stand out from other companies.

The International Fair of Bicycle Industry BIKE-EXPO 2019 hosts the official European unveiling og Materialize bike which was hailed Best One Off Radical Custom at the Cruiser Con Expo in Las Vegas. The Pole received the title of the world's best custom bicycle designer of 2019. Materialize looks amazing: a complicated shape, the body printed with the use of the  3D printer covered with dozens of elements - some of them have been cut with a laser. The whole is complemented with gold plating.  The appearance of a bicycle is not everything.  In addition to the obvious visual advantages, the bike offers many modern technologies  including a traditional and electric drive. A 1000-watt motor, a 14-ampere battery makes it possible to reach speeds of up to 50 km/h. You have to see this bike for yourself.

We look forwarfd to seeing you at the 10th jubilee International Fair of Bicycle Industry Kielce BIKE-EXPO held from 19 to 21 September 2019. Adam Zdanowicz and his mad bicycles are waiting for you at F4 expo stand. 


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