The International Drone Event - annual held at Targi Kielce on 21 and 22 June brings together professionals from many industries. Business-insiders will present the latest and high-class solutions for the UAV use, including in geodesy and construction business sectors

UAV in service of various industries - June's comprehensive display at Targi Kielce
UAV in service of various industries - June's comprehensive display at Targi Kielce

The development of independently constructed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAV triggered the idea to apply them in geodesy and in particular in photogrammety.  

A programmable, autonomous flight route of an UAV  equipped with a photogrammetric sensor is designed to collect immages and gather information about the these photos coordinates.  Then the data is imported into software that makes it possible to create 3 most important products: orthophotomaps, point clouds and the Digital Terrain Model. Based on these, surveyors can obtain specific information about terrestrial infrastructure and make appropriate measurements.  The solution has an advantage  - it offers
much lower costs compared to traditional methods.  Utilisation of  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles equipped with the GPS function for airborne measurements is more cost-effective compared to an a rental of an aeroplane or helicopter equipped with photogrammetric equipment.   UAV's equipped with GPS and very high quality and resolution digital cameras combined with efficient computer and specialized software allow for very accurate measurements 
with an accuracy of 1 to 2 cm / per pixel terrain.

LiDaR will facilitate measurements

The  civil engineering  business sector also uses drones to collect information about inventory and as-built measurements of roads as well as  of hydrotechnical facilities and large multi-stage developments.   Such solutions are also used in the BIM (Building Information Modeling). Measurements can be made with the use of the LiDAR.  LIDAR consists in creating point clouds which are the used in technical processing, analysis and calculation.  Building surveys can also be carried out with the use of thermal imaging cameras.  The tightness of the roofings, windows, insulation is checked. Thermal bridges in the building are also discovered.  The cameras also help to carry out documentation and reporting of specific construction stages.

A good IDEa paves the way for success

The International Drone Event - ANNUAL has been crafted as a presentation platform for the latest technological developments, and development directions of this fastest-growing aviation sector.  The event's product and service range has been created as the one-stop-shop for UAV capabilities and uses in a whole array of business sectors.   The expo format includes the conference, the expo zone and the B2B zone.    The best specialists, a recognized group of speakers and a wide group of exhibitors makes IDEa an excellent platform for knowledge and experience exchange.


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