The Light Aviation Expo, Paragiełda, MODEL KIT EXPO - a great launch in Targi Kielce Targi Kielce is the showcase for almost 60 companies

It was many people's decission to call in  Targi Kielce on Saturday morning in order to visit the Light Aviation Expo
It was many people's decission to call in Targi Kielce on Saturday morning in order to
visit the Light Aviation Expo

and even dronesand airplane and RC models.  The Light Aviation Expo and Paragiełda have launched in Targi Kielce.  The exhibitions host the guests of honours and among then Jerzy Makula, the pilot who flew with Pope Francis and Yuri Yakovlev the aircraft constructor.

Targi Kielce is the showcase for almost 60 companies  Visitrs can see light aircraft such as Aeroprakt22L and Pipistrel VirusSW.  History lovers will certainly appreciate the opportunity to see Kukłka - the self-made plane of Eugeniusz Pieniazek. The constructor escaped in the 1970s from the communist PRL.  The exhibition abounds with gyroplanes - Xenon4, DTA Gyro, Magni Gyro, Cavolon and Jantar and Puchacz gliders, and also the two-seat helicopter Dynali H3, Argo Aero AK, Yo-Yo.

Everything paragliders need

The début-expo i.e. the  Light Aviation Expo complements Paragiełda - the event which has already become a well known and appreciated event among the aviation milieus. Paragiełda is targeted at producers, importers and distributors of sailplanes and paragliders, back-pack propellers, trikes, hang-gliders and everything pilots may need.

The autumn light- aviation events cluster is much more than the exhibition. Kielce-staged show includes lectures and presentations on broadly-defined aviation industry, air traffic, exhibitions of exceptional photographs and film screenings as well as meetings with special guests - exceptional personages.   Jerzy Makuła - the 7-time individual World Glider Aerobatic Championships winner and the Dremliner pilot has joined Targi Kielce's events.  Yurij Yakovlev, a well known Ukrainian aircraft designer, Norbert Nowicki - a motor-glider pilot who specialises in tandem flights, the world vice-champion and Europe champion.

Drones zone, reduction models, a railway model and bungee jumping

Those who are not short of courage may start flying by taking their first flight ... head first. A 70 meter bungee jumping crane is a chance to plunge down or just look at the Kielce's panorama.  It is worth visiting the Drones Zone - a display for unique of projects from Polish universities students. There is also the display of the latest equipment.  The expo also showcases the company which specialises in blood transport with the use of drones.

Aircraft aficionados who reduce miniatures of their favourite planes are offered a great chance to see many interesting reduction models, RC models, i.e. flying models equipped with motors.  At the same time the Model Kit Expo accompanied with the scale-models festival and Models Exchange are held.  In addition to aircraft models there are also replicas of military vehicles, catamarans and others. There are extra highlights such as a fragment of the coast of Tuscany with the train stations and trains models.

An interesting fact is that the Kielce expo can be reached in your own plane. Land free of charge at the Masłów airport and take a special bus to the fair grounds. 

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