Industrial Autumn in Targi Kielce in a nut-shell presentation

Media point at the previous METAL edition - 2016
Media point at the previous METAL edition - 2016

The "MM Magazyn Przemysłowy [MM Industrial Magazine]" is the main media patron of the  expo  cycle held under the banner of "Industrial Autumn" The event starts on September 25  and is held in the Kielce exhibition and congress centre. The publishing house has once again entered in cooperation with Targi Kielce and has prepared the comprehensive publication designed as assistance for those who want to learn about the upcoming HEAT TREATMENT Exop and the World Foundry Congress.

The magazine provides a complete, most up-to-date information set which comes handy before the event starts. The publication will be delivered to companies heads - those in foundry industry, pressure casting, non-ferrous metals, raw material suppliers and components and companies which deal with air cleaning technology.  The total 9,000 copies of the "MM Fair Magazine METAL 2018" magazine will be distributed.

The magazine includes news, problem-focused and sponsored articles related to the industry and in particular to the heat treatment and pressure die casting business. The magazine will be enhanced with interviews with the HEAT TREATMENT, METAL and ALUMINUM partners as well as columns which feature the World Foundry Congress organisers.  The magazine includes a full list of exhibitors, companies logos and the exhibition halls detailed plan.  METAL 2018 - a special MM EXPO MAGAZINE issue will also be distributed during the expo.

Following years example, the METAL expo  features a media point, just like other leading global expos. This is the place for industry publications (including a special edition of MM EXPO MAGAZINE) may showcase their magazines. All interested can review, read and select the ones they find most interesting.  This year the Targi Kielce E Expo Pavilion will be the home for the media point.

The most important information about MM Industrial Magazine:

 - The largest circulation among professional magazines.
 - Distributed directly to managers and engineers of companies the publication is related to.
- Published in Poland since 1993. A source of reliable industry information and practical technical knowledge.
- Highly valued by practitioners who seek the best solutions for the industry.
- MM magazines are issued in 12 countries and in 11 languages, they play a vital role in global experiences exchange and information dissemination on new technologies.
- The publication is owned by ZKDP - this is one of few industry- magazines with registered circulation.


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