The award ceremony in the Polish National Competition for Michelangelo Laurel crowned the first day of the Future of Education Congress at Targi Kielce

 This year's winners of the Michelangelo Laurel Competition - Primary School No. 143 of Stefan Starzyński in Warsaw
This year's winners of the Michelangelo Laurel Competition - Primary School No. 143 of
Stefan Starzyński in Warsaw

The Michelangelo Laurel competition is organized by the Świętokrzyskie Regional Chief Education Officer, the Świętokrzyskie In-Service Teacher Training Centre in Kielce and Targi Kielce. The competition objective is to promote and disseminate examples of innovative solutions for didactics as well as technology used at schools and educational institutions.  The originally regional event has demonstrated a growing popularity. Therefore the organisers resolved to expand it to the national scale.

The Michelangelo Laurel Competitions was the competition arena for 49 schools and educational institutions from all over Poland nominated in the Creative and Innovative School category. The Jury Panel was guided with the competition regulations, awarding points for: people with passion and their development - pedagogical staff, ICT - information and communication technologies, teaching methods, teaching resources, space organization, forms of work organization and involvement of the school community in implementation of projects, undertakings and contests.

Honourable mentions in the Michelangelo Laurel Competition in the Creative and Innovative School category have been awarded to schools:

I High School  of Tadeusz Kościuszko in Legnica,

School and Pre-school Cluster from Lipowa,

Primary School No. 1 in Mosina,

Kindergarten No. 240  of the Polish Olympians in Warsaw.


The most important point of this part of the ceremony was the awarding ceremony of the main prizes. This year's winners are:

 The 3rd place:

The no. 7 Janusz Korczak Municipal Kindergarten with the integration units   in Legionowo

2. Place

The Princess Aleksandra Ogińska  Primary School No. 10  in Siedlce

 The 1st place:

The Primary School No. 143  Stefan Satrzyński in Warsaw.


The full list of nominees in the laureates in the Michelangelo Laurel competition in the Creative and Innovative School category is to be found here.

At this year's gala, there were also awards at the voivodship level. The Jury Panel rewards active teachers and propagators of education from the Świętokrzyskie region. This year's awards were presented in nine categories: institutions, local government, kindergarten and school and kindergarten clusters, primary schools, school clusters, high schools, pedagogical councils, bilingual education. The full list of winners is to be found here.




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