Targi Kielce has brought together representatives of start-ups and revolutionary ideas based enterprises. For them it has been the chance to become familiar with the ways to finance research and implementation

 "Your business in Europe" - this conference was held within the scope of INNO-TECH EXPO at Targi Kielce
"Your business in Europe" - this conference was held within the scope of INNO-TECH EXPO
at Targi Kielce

From 2014 to 2020 cutting-edge research and innovative technological solutions will enjoy European Union's support of over 77 million Euros. The programme insight was offered by the National PB EU Focal Point; detail were presented at "Your business in Europe", conference organized during the INNO-TECH EXPO. The European Union "Horizon 2020" program is the largest in EU's history agenda designed to support  research and innovation. Its objective is to strengthen the EU's global scale competitiveness. It has merged the three previous programmes designed to boost  R&D activities.

Its structure is based on three mutually reinforcing principles: excellent science, industrial leadership, social challenges.

Examples of H2020 issues include:

  • facilitation of the "from Idea to Industry" developments,
  • interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral research and innovations,  
  • social and economic sciences as well as humanities,
  • support for the European Research Area and the Innovation Union operation and implementation, enhancement of scientific and research units' participation on the EU scale,
  • cooperation with third countries,
  •  involvement of SMEs in research and innovation process and a wider private sector's participation
  • boosting the attractiveness of the researcher's profession
  • facilitation of cross-border and cross-sectoral mobility of researchers.

Horizon 2020 is a new approach for solving complex problems. Its priority is a stronger emphasis on innovations and social challenges.

The Horizon 2020 advantage - simplified access rules for companies, universities and institutions. 

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