Targi Kielce Congress Centre - the place to buy unusual handicrafts during the Xmas bazaar. Soutache jewellery will also be available. The Christmas Fair is held on December 1

Soutache ornaments requires incredible precision and sense of good taste. [Source:]
Soutache ornaments requires incredible precision and sense of good taste. [Source:]

The 7th National Festival of Poetic and Tourism Songs At Fireplace   is accompanied with many attractions, including   the Christmas Fair  and  Vinyl and CD Exchange  enhanced with the stations where you can listen to the records on the spot.

What is soutache?

Soutache is the type of hand embroidery where viscose strings are used. These are called Soutache.  The name of this technique comes from the French word soutache which means braiding, i.e. a kind of string ornaments sewn into military uniforms. The name of strings is derived from the Hungarian word sujtas, meaning braid.

Ornaments made this way require considerable precision, manual skills and sublime aesthetic sense.  Thin, woven viscose or pure silk strings are sewn together manually and then around the cabochons - smoothly polished stones, crystals or glass beads.  Renata Kaczmarzyk is the artist who uses this technique  to create beautiful jewellery of natural pebbles.

The unique soutache technique jewellery will be available for purchase during  the Christmas Fair  held in Targi Kielce Congress Centre  - December 1, from 15:00 to 21:00.


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