Celebrations of the Targi Kielce's 25th anniversary continue. To mark the occasion, a unique concert is staged on the 8 February in the Congress Centre; Kielce and the Świętokrzyskie Province's residents are wholeheartedly welcome to join in. Our jubilee is also your festival!


The Targi Kielce stage will see the performances of exceptional guests!  The artists will add extra splendour to the 25th anniversary's celebrations - the choice of artists was not a coincidence.  These are our friends who have played and sand on the Targi Kielce's stages for years.  In addition, the Targi Kielce employees and their children will also appear among the performers.  This is the event you cannot miss!

The show begins at 19:00; the Kielce Dance Theatre performance opens the fiesta.  "See Jazz" is composed of the two choreographic compositions compiled into one unique show.  The choreographers want to show that music and dance bridge the gulf of all divisions, bring generations together and help in establishing relationships and resolving conflicts.

The Kielce Dance Theatre will take upon a journey to the jazz atmosphere; this will be be an excellent opening before Ryszard Styła's performance.  The musician has often been admired by the Kielce audiences at the Targi Kielce Jazz Festival Fair. Now we are in for his enchanting, delicate yet characteristic works.

The Targi Kielce' Jubilee  also features the Fermata Chamber Choir.  The vocalists accompanied us during our jubilee gala in Warsaw. Now you cannot miss their performance in Kielce.  The choir will be performing Marek Grechuta's works - we can therefore expect unique arrangements and a feast of wonderful voices.

Then a slight change - the Mr. Pollack band live.  The unique duo of brothers - Jacek and Grzegorz Polak will conquers listeners' hearts with stronger sounds.  The guitar virtuoso and the outstanding drummer will tempt you with their songs and also with original interpretations of the melodies you know.  Piotr Restecki will enchant you with his "Light and Sound".  The musician uses the skills which combine classical way of playing with the sounds electric guitars.

The evening will be complemented with the performance of vocalists - Aleksandra Gaska, Katarzyna Lisowska, Basia Sipa, Paweł Oszywa and Roman Słomka.  These will be accompanied by musicians - Łukasz Mazur (piano), Sebastian Sipa (bass), Maciej Boguta (guitar) Karol Krąż (percussion). 



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