Arburg's main focus at 2017's Plastpol is cost-effective, automated production of high-quality details

This year's Targi Kielce Plastpol is used by Arburg as the showcase for, inter alia  Golden Electric machines application
This year's Targi Kielce Plastpol is used by Arburg as the showcase for, inter alia
Golden Electric machines application

The E25 expo stand n the E Expo Hall is the showcase of the German injection moulding machines manufacturer that will present the two Allrounder machines  - fully electric Golden Electric injection moulding appliances. The robotssystem responsible for moving parts is Integralpicker and Multilift Select.  The technical capabilities of the company's automation systems will also be presented in the special "Robots in Action" zone.

- This year we celebrate the silver jubilee - the 25 years of our business presence in Poland. We are proud to have served our Polish customers for over a quarter of a century  - Says Sławomir Śniady PhD., the managing director of Arburg Polska LLC.  - At this year's Plastpol we will present the two Golden Electric's Allrounder series machines designed for cost-effective production of high-tech parts.  The two locations as well as in the "Robots in Action" zone will be the presentation platform for our production automation solutions.

Cutting-edge injection moulding machines and  much more - visit the Targi Kielce expo stand

The consistent standardization which includes, inter alia, the constant spacing between the columns, the clamping force and the size of the injection unit has made it possible for the Golden Electric machines to offer a favourable relation between the price and quality. The injection moulding machinesbu the Golden Electric Allrounder are available in four sizes, with clamping forces from 600 to 2,000 kN.  The double, five point closing system ensures high quality and short cycle times.  The clearance-free drives of lead-screws are highly precise; the perpetual-screw position adjustment offers excellent mould quality.  The new series of electric machines features high efficiency power-adaptable servo drives with energy recovery in braking phase which offers up to 55 percent energy savings compared to standard hydraulic machines.

Arburg showcases at this year's Plastpol and demonstrates the use of Golden Electric machines for cost effective production of high quality technical details.  The injection moulding machine Allrounder 520 E Golden Electric with a the clamping force of 1500 kN and the 400 size of the injection unit will produce polypropylene bushings for irrigation systems with the weight 1.3 g. The machine will be equipped with the 12-hole hot-runner mould. The cycle time is approx. 12 s. The moulded pieces will be picked up by the Integralpicker V. - the second Allrounder machine - 570 E by the Golden Electric. It features the clamping force of 200 kN and the the injection unit size 800.  A 45 seconds cycle will result in PC / ABS phones holders which weigh 22 g.  The Multilift Select system will pick up the ready-made details. 

Robots cooperation in the plastics processing industry  

The Arburg "Robots in action" presentation area will be the demonstration stage not only a wide range of robots but also for the company's philosophy of a standardized control systems.  All devices are programmable with the use of the Selogica console.  At the expo, the Integralpicker V, Multilift Select and the 6-axle robots will operate the agricultural vehicle models in the obstacle course.  Each of these robots has slightly different characteristics.  Integralpicker is particularly suitable for fast pick & place movements, the linear Multilift V robot offers dynamic long-distance movements and the 6-axis robot works particularly well in 3D space.  These three units communicate with each other through the peripheral interface.



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