PLASTPOL 2019 expo is the stage for Poland’s first time-time presentation of the digital printing machine on industrial objects - FJET24 GEN2 by the American Engineered Printing Solutions. The Comec Polska LLC bring it to Targi Kielce from Pabianice


FJET24 GEN 2 is the second generation of flatbed machines for digital inkjet UV LED printing. the machine has been created by the American company EPS. Now digital printing technologies are available at the industrial level. We suggest replacing the screen printing with the cutting-edge technology which does not require the use of sieves, cleaning chemicals, etc. The printer uses a small amounts of ink cured with the use of UV LED light. This reduces the need to use a large amount of colours with the use of 4 component colours - CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). The machine is also equipped with two additional white colour heads so we can print on any colour background and still get clear and correct colours.

The FJET 24 GEN 2 printer on show from 28 to 31 May at Targi Kielce. Speed and versatility are the machine’s main advantages.  Printing area - 510 x 610 mm,  it can deliver high resolution printouts (up to 1200 x 1200 dpi) on objects up to 150 mm high. Equipped with 2 UV lamps for drying ink, it can print in mono and bi-directional mode.   It is equipped with RIP software for managing print jobs. Comec Polska delivers software-equipped machines.

The printer uses drop-on-demand piezoelectric heads and UV inks that instantly dry for quick products packing directly after printing. The presence of 2 UV lamps makes it possible to print in bi-directional mode, much to the advantage of speed.  The RIP software allows file upload and control of all operations, including variable data printing.  Job changes are quick and clean.  No need to change over matrices, sieves and similar. All you need to do is run a new print job from your computer.

The machines can be customized with movement, loading and unloading systems, and vision systems.  Ideal for printing on promotional items, prizes, cards, covers of smartphones, stationery, but also for industrial printing in the automotive, medical, cosmetic, tooling, household appliances, etc.

All questions regarding the new US digital printer for industrial printing the specialists of the Comec Polska will be available  at the company’s expo stand at the International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL 2019 in Targi Kielce. 

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