The Light Aviation Expo is held for the second. The event is graced with the presence of the Polish most well-known line pilots, a multiple world champion in glider aerobatics

Captain Jerzy Makula will be the guest of honour at the Targi Kielce Light Aviation Expo for the second time
Captain Jerzy Makula will be the guest of honour at the Targi Kielce Light Aviation Expo
for the second time

- What will you bring for the Light Aviation Expo  with you?

- I will have the opportunity to take the beautiful, the world’s only aerobatic glider SOLO FOX and present it in to Targi Kielce . It was designed by Edward Margański, I was accessory to this process.  I will also present a few short videos to show the beauty of glider aerobatics.  I will also inform how to start the  gliders adventure.

UAV;s is the second topic discussed - this is owed to the fact that drones have conquered the world.  This is the right choice because you need to know the basic security principles - regulations and restrictions of drone use.  Dronest will soon become ubiquitous and everyone will be able to use them properly only if equipped with the up-to-date knowledge.  That's what we're going to talk about it in Targi Kielce  at the Light Aviation Expo. The first Global Drone Conference scheduled for October 13 is held within the scope of the expo.

- For many people, the aviation trade expo is the first close encounter with planesAlso the Polish Aero Club you are the president of makes it possible to take the first aviation steps ...

- The Polish Aero Club is a union which enables those interested in aviation to have an nice and smooth start.  I refer to  glider, airplane and parachute trainings.  The drone section has been only recently created and developed.

Upon the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale - the International Aviation Federation) initiative. this year we will see the first-time, World Drones Championship.  I think that the Light Aviation Expo is a good place to talk more about UAV. The drones context is much more than economy and UAV use, but also about rivalry and competition.

When it comes to air competition, the Polish Aero Club is the only institution which cooperates with the Ministry of Sport.  A sport license is required to take part in such international competitions and represent Poland.

- A job exchange event for pilots is a novelty of this expo. What do you think about this initiative?

- This is a great idea, because my presence at TLL is a chance to talk about the air transport needs as well as the needs of PLL LOT and LOT Flight Academy. This is one of the LOT Airlines units which deal with pilot acquisition and training. This is one of the most important things because there is an urgent global need to train pilots in order for them to meet the standards.  Aviation is developing very well. The needs are growing, too. The need for proper training and job opportunities for good pilots for those who have already been trained in  sports aviation  sector.

- Light aviation, from the Polish Aero Club perspective - this is a dynamically developing discipline.
- All areas of aviation are developing fast at the moment. We know that the world without aviation will not exist.  After a short stagnation period which resulted from the global economic situation, now we experience real aviation boom.  This creates the need for aviation school which would make it possible for those who already have a  passion for flying to enter professional career path.

- The market is growing. We also offer attractions galore at Kielce TLL Expo. Is it worth visiting the October Light Aviation Expo?

 Of course!  More and more people buy  light aircraft instead of another car. This is a good development.  However, good equipment is not everything.  The pilot's experience and skills must be equal the quality of the equipment. Therefore, the expo is the platform to provide as much information as possible, focus on aviation safety.  We will encourage have a broader perspective on aviation - people involved in aviation should learn meteorology, regulations in order to become more aware of the fact that they are not alone in the air. This is also important from the point of view of drone owners and users.

For sure the 2nd Light Aviation Expo will be very interesting. I hope it will bring together a lot of people, the young people who are fascinated with aviation. They may choose an excellent career path and join   the crew on board and fly planes.


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