The event organisers - Kielce exhibition and congress centre and the Provincial Police Headquarters in Kielce

The Targi Kielce SafetyOn conference gathered many of those interested in cyber  security
The Targi Kielce SafetyOn conference gathered many of those interested in cyber security

- It takes just one second to make 18 people fall victim to hackers. This makes 1080 times a minute. The scale of the cybercrime problem increases along with the new technologies development.  Poland's annual budget loses about PLN 5 billion owing to the cyber-criminals’ fraudulent business - said the police officer  Dominik Chapterowski from the Cybercrime Combat Department of the Kielce Province HQ at his lecture on "Threats in the Internet history, the development".

Around 630,000 GB of IP data is globally transferred in 60 seconds.  Up to 135 people receive malware containing files or links, 6 new articles appear on Wikipedia, users view 20 million photos. There are also 20 attempts to steal people’s identity. The data that was quoted during the conference.

The session was the possibility to learn about mobile networks threats  - Paweł Dobrzański from T-mobile discussed the problem.  The data security stored on your smartphone was also put in the limelight.   Michał Białek talked about the cooperation of administrators with law enforcement agencies, users and clients of the companies.  Adam Haertle talked about the mistakes of administrators. Online shopping was also discussed. This universal purchase procedure has become proliferate in the modern world.

The lecture on the most spectacular hacker attacks, including data leakage from the US government's HR system, when 18 million cv, fingerprints and other secret data leaked out was extremely interesting. 


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