Mark Ziemowit Sosiński, the owner of ACTAM Communications will talk about the effective sales processes design and brand communication. The lectures are a part of the 7th International Funeral and Cemetery Fair NECROEXPO, Targi Kielce, 14-16 June 2019

Ziemowit Sosiński, ACTAM Communications owner  will lecture twice at the 7th   International Funeral and Cemetery Fair NECROEXPO
Ziemowit Sosiński, ACTAM Communications owner will lecture twice at the 7th
International Funeral and Cemetery Fair NECROEXPO

The lecture on the sales processes design in a company and customer service standards with the use of modern sales tools - 14 June   time: 14:45-16:15.

On the second day NECROEXPO - June 15, the same time, there will be a lecture on brand building and strategic marketing communications.  

The meeting participants will gain professional knowledge about an effective brand communication strategy development and implementation.  They will also learn what to do in order to increase market visibility and to design sales processes in the company.  The knowledge pack will also include the information about modern marketing tools and effective presentation techniques.  The session will also be a knowledge-source about the ways to gain market attention, build an image of a trusted partner and customer service standards.


NECROEXPO 2019 lectures feature professionals

Ziemowit Sosiński is the owner of ACTAM Communications,  he is also an entrepreneur and a creator of advertising industry companies.  A business coach, coach, lecturer who boasts many years’ business hands-on experience.  He acquired corporate experience in sales and team building at all levels of an international corporation; this ranges from a sales representative, in retail trader and key accounts though the level of Sales Manager.  Ziemowit Sosiński is a co-founder, co-owner and manager of advertising companies which shot to the national leaders level. The team that he has built in the company he founded became the first Official Polish Champion in Transit Advertising 2010.  An expert in transit advertising, an educator, a Public Relations and Marketing specialist (creates marketing and PR strategies, builds brands). A creator of proprietary training programs in marketing, communication, sales processes designing, management, image building in business, etc. as well as human resource management practices in own business and at the level of manager in an international corporations.  He designs and implements development processes that initiate and boost sales and management departments development.  He also builds effective sales teams.

We look forward to seeing you at the  the funeral industry  most important expo, the Polish market leader.  Save the date: June 14-16, 2019  and join us in Targi Kielce.


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