Military Electronic Works SA and HEMERIA have signed the nanosatellite partnership agreement


The agreement between Military Electronic Works SA and HEMERIA stipulated close, international cooperation between the Companies and on a long-term partnership for nanosatellites and other projects tailored to the needs of WZE and HEMERIA selected programs in this technology domain.

 - Our cooperation will result in the Poland-made nanosatellites which can be launched in a constellation. Such nanosatelites are intended to observe selected area of Earth. deployable in 18 months from the project start.  The technology which we acquire under to this agreement will not only enable WZE SA in Zielonka to develop new production competences, for the coming years but it will also enhance Polish Armaments Group’s  competences in the space segment  - said Przemysław Kowalczuk, President of the Management Board of Military Electronic Works SA in Zielonka after signing the contract .

 The project general objectives will be implemented through a number of specific projects.

  About WZE SA -

Military Electronic Works SA is a  special electronics  leader among the Polish Armaments Group companies, it boasts radiolocation, anti-aircraft defence and electronic warfare competences.  WZE boasts extensive experience and specialist knowledge in equipment design, production and maintenance.  Reconnaissance and radio and electronic warfare; command and communication;  anti-air defence;  special electronicsspecial mechanics are WZE competences. Now WZE is developing its  space competences.


HEMERIA is a key player in the space industry designs, delivery, integration. HEMERIA provides the latest space systems and products that meet defence, safety and security sector’s corporate and scientific clients needs.

HEMERIA is one of the three largest European suppliers of sandwich panels, MLI, cable harnesses for satellites  (instruments, cargo, platform) and launchers (Ariane) as well as battery packs;. The company has been developing its own range of nanosatellites and has thus provided non-technology specialists with fast, competitive and efficient access to space.

The 27th International Defence Industry Exhibition is held in Targi Kielce until 7 September.  We look forward to seeing you at the expo!  


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