Benefits and risks of digital media use was one of the main discussion topic for the Targi Kielce's Expo of Technologies & Equipment for Education; the even hosted Aleksandra Piotrowska PhD


The Expo of Technologies & Equipment for Education held from 5 to 7 October in Targi Kielce was a perfect opportunity to enhance teachers' and pupils' work.   In addition to more than 70 education sector companies' presentation   the expo was complemented with a number of meetings, including one that features Aleksandra Piotrowska PhD -  a child psychologist  , the MAC Group Ambassador. The benefits and risks of media use with the main focus on children - that was the main discussion theme.

 Aleksandra Piotrowska PhD highlighted the fact that digital media have become an inherent part of our daily lives. It is therefore important to use  multimedia in education process  and pupils' development.  

- Pretty much happening has been going on in education. and people should be made aware that this field is growing, and currently looks like a modern school. Education Expo provides a great opportunity to indicate the changes in teaching process - emphasized Dr. Piotrowska. - Kids always watch out for technological novelties and curiosities. Adults need to be aware of the fact that electronic media are not miraculous panacea to solve all dangers and difficulties in education. However, it would be a mistake not to use them as they have become part of our lives and can offer much  - she added.

The MAC Group Ambassador listed the pros of multimedia technology use - these include combating boredom in the learning process and help to overcome language students dysfunction via computer software. In her presentation she also focused on the other side, i.e. the dangers related to media use; tablet, PCs, laptops and smartphones should be used in parallel to traditional teaching methods (e.g. books) and should never replace the old-ones.

 The greatest danger mentioned by Doctor Piotrowska is a behavioural addiction or addiction to specific actions. There is a growing number of children that demonstrate comprehensive addiction syndrome, including the age-group of 5-6 years old. This addiction is demonstrated through adjustment of daily routines to a specific type of multimedia related activity, nervousness and  when access is limited. The Dbam o Mój Z@sięg Foundation carried out a nationwide phonoholizm survey - this shows that 12 to 15 percent of people between 12 and 18 demosntrate the connected-device dependence symptoms. The "Chronic use of cell phones. Detailed characteristics of phonoholizm phenomenon among the youth in Poland" report was prepared on the basis of the surveys conducted among 22,086 persons between 12 and 18 and a social experiment - POZ @ SIECIĄ.

Another threat for children teh famous psychologist Mrs Piotrowska discussed in Targi Kielce is the easy access to inappropriate content, such as pornography. Therefore it is important for parents to control and reduce this access. Rules of electronic media use for children, regardless the age should be established. Moreover, setting the example in practice is an important element. A child always echos parents' behavious styles.

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