The International Drone Event - annual - Poland's first event exclusively dedicated to the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) industry and business-sector. On 21-22 June the world-class specialists, representatives of particular industries which find drones an indispensable element of everyday work are brought together in Targi Kielce


A dynamic development of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles sector offers a great opportunity to create innovative solutions for many industries, including those cut out for the energy sectorOne of the event's partners is the Kielce branch of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers.  The International Drone Event - annualIDeainTargi Kielceoffers the chance to see presentations of the latest developments and professional solutions the UAV sector has developed for this energy an power engineering business.  Unnamed Aerial Vehicles are widely and extensively used in the energy sector- supervision and control of the electrical overhead installations condition is one of many tasks UAV carry out.  Multitasking and ease of operation makes it possible to localise a possible failure spot quickly, assess the damage scale. This is possible even in places where other vehicles' access is very difficult.  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are also a perfect solution to provide safety and security,  the use of drones eliminates the need to make people work at high altitudes.

The energy sector also  utilises aerial laser scanners - LiDAR more and more extensively.  This technology is particularly useful for measurements on power lines sections whenever manned helicopters use is not feasible economy-wise.  Thermal imaging inspections make it possible to diagnose the technical condition of high-voltage grid  insulators and find damages invisible to the naked eye.

UAV offer a whole array of applications in the energy sector and outside.  The IDEa expo is the place to learn about the latest solutions as well as the development trends of this vibrant industry.  The conference, EXPO and the B2B zones offer an excellent opportunity to learn about many aspects of UAV in global and domestic markets.   The presence of world-famous experts, representatives of particular industries is the chance to disseminate knowledge and gain first-hand information directly from those who boast extensive hands-on experience


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