Firefighters from all over Poland and occupational health and safety specialists will be brought together for the two-day Targi Kielce events. The International Occupational Safety and Fire Protection Systems Exhibition KIELCE WORK SAFETY EXPO and the parallel International Fire Protection & Rescue Exhibition KIELCE IFRE-EXPO have started

The State Fire Services Headquarters representatives
The State Fire Services Headquarters representatives

Upon the exhibition opening Andrzej Mochoń PhD. pointed out to the expo's significance for the whole sector.  - I trust that the exhibitors make it possible for you to find equipment that helps you in your job.  I believe that our exhibitors are the prospective suppliers for your units.  - highlighted Targi Kielce President of Board

The letter from Wiesław Łyszczek - Chief Labour Inspector who granted the auspices the the Kielce WORK SAFETY-EXPO was read out by Jan Jozwik - Deputy of the District Labour Inspector in Kielce. The inspector pointed that safety and OHC promotion are of utmost importance and therefore recognised the role the KIELCE WORK SAFETY - EXPO.

Chief Brigadier Adam Czajka -the Świętokrzyskie Provincial Commandant read the letter from Brigadier General Leszek Suski, the Chief Commander of the State Fire Service. The letter was addressed to Andrzej Mochon PhD. - the Chief Commander expressed his gratitude in recognition of the KIELCE IFRE-EXPO organisation.  The Commandant also pointed out the event's importance for fire-fighters from all over Poland.   



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