Kielce witnesses the important industry event related to BSP / UAV business sector. The Global Drone Conference, whose main theme is "Safe Technologies and Legal Regulations for Drones" is under way

The Global Drone Conference 2018 at Targi Kielce enjoys the knowledge partner - the SSW Pragamatic  Solutions
The Global Drone Conference 2018 at Targi Kielce enjoys the knowledge partner - the SSW
Pragamatic Solutions

The international drone conference is part of 3rd edition of the Light Aviation Exop (TLL),  - Saturday and Sunday in  Targi Kielce,  ranked second among all Central and Eastern Europe’s exhibition and congress centres.  The TLL 2018  is coupled with the  unmanned aerial vehicles show Paragiełdą and International  Scale-Modelling Exhibition KIT EXPO.



  • Why does Polish law favor the UAV sector development  - what regulations are there for drones? - Joanna Wieczorek (LOT CLASSIC Foundation, SSW Aviation Practice Pragmatic Solutions)
  • U-Space concept and technologies for air space traffic management for the use of UAV Paweł Korzec (DroneRadar)`
  • Flight rules for drones for UAVO certified operators  - Maciej Włodarczyk (Polish Air Navigation Services Agency - Team for Unmanned Operations
  • What penalties are stipulated for airspace intrussion? - the need to adjust the laws - Michał Zawadzak (Świat Dronów)
  • An unmanned vehicle construction - what a robust drone must be built of - Mateusz Godun CEO (Evionica)
  • • Guidelines for drone operators to be -  what you need to know to pass the drone operator exam  Radosław Zych, Karol Cheda (UAV Academy, ULC)
  • Military applications of drones - Tomasz Badowski (WB Electronics)
  • Civil applications of drones - Michał Wojas and Marcin Marchewka (FlyTech)
  • Talk to the VIP - Jerzy Makula - a VIP guest
  • Drones used for companies' purposes - the of PKP Cargo and PGE examples
  • How to fly in order not to violate privacy - guidelines of the Working Group on  Art. 29 Joanna Wieczorek (LOT CLASSIC Foundation, SSW Pragmatic Solutions Aviation Practice)
  • About the BVLOS regulation  - Paweł Szymański (Civil Aviation Authority)

In addition to the lectures there will also be the four expert panels  The "Safe integration of drones" panel  chaired by Paweł Korzecki from DroneRadar, Stefan Malczewski from LOT, Jerzy Makula from LOT Crew, Eric Lanquetin from Air France and Paweł Zagrajka from Welcom Airport Services. Another panel - "Drones in business” features Erwin George from ENGIE, Krzysztof Wasilewski from Gaz System, Sławomir Buksakowski from PKP Cargo, Jarosław Zając from Grupa WB and Jose Maria Arguelles de Bustillo from Aldesa.  Various entities cooperation in the new technologies implementation  for the UAV industryPiotr Sieńko (‘Polish Airports’ State Enterprise), Michał Szepke (Samsung Incubator), Oscar Lopez (Indra), Maciej Kowalski (Lotos AirBP), Justyna Gudaszewska (Sky Tronic LLC) will also be discussed.  Katarzyna Solarz from SSW Pragamatic Solutions and Sławomir Szymański from PGE Ventures will focus upon the "UAV investments" topic .

The conference is complemented with accompanying events, including the exhibition of drone market companies from Poland as well as presentations of innovative science club projects from Poland’s best technical universities.  The presentations zone will feature  EUROAVIA Rzeszów Scientific Club (Rzeszów University of Technology); SAE AeroDesign, MelAvio Avionics Scientific Society (Warsaw University of Technology); Inter-faculty Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Scientific Club "High Flyers" (Silesian University of Technology); the Academic Aviation Club (Wrocław University of Technology) and the Kielce University of Technology.

The official conference program HERE


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