Polish best pilots and ultralight planes, two-seater helicopters, gliders, motor gliders, gyroplanes, paragliders, motor-paragliders, drones - this is what the Light Aviation Expo is made of

Last year, the Light Aviation Expo hosted about 2,000 people who are eagerly interested  in aviation
Last year, the Light Aviation Expo hosted about 2,000 people who are eagerly interested
in aviation

This is Poland’s only expo of this kind, the only opportunity to see aviation equipment  at your fingertips. - GLOBAL DRONE CONFERENCE is held for the first time - this international conference is dedicated to unmanned aerial vehicles, safety of use in public space. The expo has been granted with the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology

Targi Kielce will be the showcase for the leaders of the Polish aviation market appear, including: PLL LOT, Polish Aero Club, Aviation Valley or National Key Cluster and many well-known companies - aviation equipment manufacturers.  The exhibition showcases the 25 machines,  planes, and among them: Pipistrel Virus, Minifox, UL A22L2 and UL A32; helicopters:  AK-1, Robinson 
R-44, Dynali H-3; Yoyo. The gyroplanes are the most numerous group on show, the presentation includes - Xenon4, Magni Gyro, Cavalon, J-Ro, Taifun. There will ample of  gliders and motorgliders.  Thanks to the Polish Aero Club’s cooperation the expo guests will be able to see the Polish construction aerobatic glider - S1 SWIFT. You may find it a curiosity - that during the World Championships in 2012, as many as 22 competitors competed on the Polish model out of the total of 27 finalists. Dariusz Lewek, the Polish constructor will present a self-propelled motor glider - Gekon.  

The two days’  Light Aviation Expo features a very important event - the GLOBAL DRONE CONFERENCE co-created by the 40 speakers from Poland and abroad. They represent official bodies, legislative bodies and companies. This is the first conference of this type.  Safety of flying drones  in public spaces is of utmost importance 
in the times when UAV’s have become so proliferate and actually everyone can buy and use them. 

There is no transport aviation and experienced pilots without light aviation. Therefore, the unusual Job Exchange for pilots is to be held for the first time.  A vast majority of LOT's captains and officers who fly around the world began their professional career with a light aviation adventure.  These experienced pilots will be attending the expo too.  Students' scientific clubs from the Warsaw University of Technology, Wrocław, Kielce, silesia, Rzeszów Universities of Technology and the Academic Aviation Clubs will also take part in the event.

The 3rd Light Aviation Expo also hosts most outstanding Polish pilots. The extensive list includes:

Sebastian Kawa, a most acclaimed pilot in history, the leader of the world pilots ranking. In the 2018 season he won three World Cup gold medals  
in different classes  - this is something that no one may repeat!

Marcin Szamborski, the first pilot who flew around the globe on a helicopter.

Captain Jerzy Makula one of the most well-known Dreamliner pilots, a multiple world champion in glider acrobatics.

Wieczorek Flying Team - a well-known pilots family, the world precision flying champions.

The Third Light Aviation Expo is accompanied with the PARAGIEŁDA - something for hang gliders, motor gliders, paragliders enthusiasts as well  International Scale-Modelling Exhibition  - with a 90 meter railway mock-up and RC models.

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