Germany is Polish foundry business-sector's most important partner. This can be clearly seen at Poland's biggest industry expo held in Targi Kielce. Year after year the number of German exhibitors increases. What is their opinion about Poland's market?

Many German companies - representatives of broadly defined foundry business-sector have exhibited at  Poland-staged METAL. Targi Kielce's METAL has recently grown and advanced to acquire the status  of one of Europe's most important industry events.
Many German companies - representatives of broadly defined foundry business-sector have
exhibited at Poland-staged METAL. Targi Kielce's METAL has recently grown and advanced to
acquire the status of one of Europe's most important industry events.

It has been demonstrated that Polish foundry market plays an important role for a number of German companies, it is also considered stable and crises-resistant.  Quality products offered by Polish market  appeals to Germans clients.  The METAL Expo  held every two years in Kielce exhibition centre serves as the best proof.  Also products imported from Germany are in great demand in many key sectors of the Polish economy.


The stable situation

Polish foundry industry has enjoyed excellent reputation worldwide owing to the fact that it is considered exceptionally stable and recessions resilient. 2008 and 2009's crises barely impacted this industry.   The recent years' positive developments in Polish market are considered another important incentive for companies to increase their presence on the Polish market.  Last but not least, Polish foundry market owes its excellent image to its supreme position in the the EU and global rankings.

Germany is Poland's most important and biggest trading partner for foundry products and raw materials; this applies to Polish exports and imports.  According to Eurostat data, in recent years almost half of commodities Poland has imported from German companies. According to the Central Statistical Office of Poland, German companies supply 50-million Euros worth foundry machinery to the Polish market.  For many Polish customers, the "Made in Germany" label is a guarantee of reliability, professionalism and high quality.

 Made-in-Germany foundry products are popular in Poland, especially in automotive industry;   this products group alone accounts for more than 60% of Germany's foundry products imported into Poland. Construction and engineering products come next in the ranking with c.a. 10% share for both sectors.  Aluminium products such as aluminium rims and other aluminium-alloys as well as grey iron products for sewage systems are in constant demand.

This is confirmed by Jörg Brotzki, Vice President of ASK Chemicals Europe:  "Poland produces 1 million tonnes of casts  each year, and therefore is one of the 6 most important foundry-producers in Europe. Therefore Poland is a very important market for us.  We have observed a steady growth in Poland's aluminium business-sector; this is the result of the automotive industry's growing importance in our neighbouring country."  ASK Chemicals is based in Hilden (North Rhine-Westphalia); this is the supplier of chemicals for the casting industry.  "In recent years we have been able to strengthen our market position in Poland's automotive castings sector.  Our Polish-market forecasts are truly positive.  We are delighted that our entire team and products boost this trend. "

An important pillar for medium size enterprise sector

Poland's demand for German products remains high.  Polish products are globally recognized for their high quality and competitive prices.  Polish foundry industry owes its excellent standing to, inter alia EU subsidies offered in the recent years. Creation of new enterprises as well as the sector modernization have been financed from the EU funds and therefore enabled Poland's production-quality to come at par with western-countries' counterparts.  German companies have also recognized Polish market's increasing competitiveness .

In German, just like in Poland the foundry industry is based on medium-sized enterprises and on sub-suppliers chain. In the recent years it has profited from end-product manufacturers' production-volumes decline.  Many German companies have branches in Poland, if not, they are represented in this market.

Lothar Knab, president of Sensor Control Gesellschaft für Sensorik und Automation mbH z Neuwied is of a similar opinion:  "We are pleased to have been a part of Polish market for 15 years. We are involved in ​​measurement technologies; humidity control systems and automatic control systems for loamy sand pretreatment.  Not only is the Polish market interesting because of its proximity; but also because of a growing understanding of innovative and modern processes in the foundry business. "  Knab has observed a new mentality:  "Polish postponement of investment processes is the thing of the past now; now it has given way to a new, fresh attitude.  Investment future-proof solutions, environment-sustainable improvements are essential."

The Sensor Control GmbH is a typical medium sized company and therefore does not have its own branch-office in Poland.  "We distribute our products through our sales representative - Metimpex LLC  based in Krakow.  Typically, the representative initiates contact with our Polish clients However later we send our technical support-team to Poland  which significantly contributes to enhancement of our contacts. "

Both ASK Chemicals GmbH and Sensor Control GmbH have had a many-year thorough knowledge of the Polish market.  Both companies have exhibited at Targi Kielce's METAL expo; this is the perfect example of the important and appropriate cross-border cooperation between Poland and Germany.


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