The Minister of National Education Anna Zalewska was hosted at the first meeting of the Team for the Vocational Training Development appointed the Świętokrzyskie Regional Chief Education Officer. The meeting was held at Targi Kielce Congress Centre


At the meeting, Minister Anna Zalewska discussed the details of education reforms and vocational training which came into force on 1 September 2017 as well as the objectives implemented over the next 2-3 years.  The minister outlined the business-sectors school modelled on vocational education in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  She also outlined the changes in the industry-related examinations - the procedure involves future employers in the examination procedure. She emphasized the departure from theoretical basis of teaching and practical aspects enhancements.  The minister also mentioned the new principles regarding the core curricula and the required participation of representatives of particular industries.  She also presented the budget earmarked for the purpose of the reforms programme implementation. The budget amounts to 9 billion PLN. The minister announced that the programmes which are inadequate in the view of the labour market requirements will no longer be co-financed.  The minister also stressed the important aspect of trade fair events which constitute a platform for concluding agreements between companies and employees.  She also pointed to the Ministry's plans to support vocational education with the use of technologies, including simulators as wel as the use of virtual knowledge platforms.

- The industry school must be flexible, which means that the education directions are adjustable to the market's demands - said Minister Anna Zalewska.

The first meeting of the Team for the Vocational Training Development, in addition to the Minister Anna Zalewska,  brought together MEP Maria Zuba who stressed the need to revive the general public's interest  in industry schools.  Kazimierz Mądzik, the Świętokrzyskie Regional Chief Education Officer presented the essence of educational reforms and pointed out the growing importance of vocational education as well as the need to establish and enhance close cooperation between employers, schools and local governments.  Agata Wojtyszek, the Świętokrzyskie Voivode stressed the importance of the reforms for the education development in the Voivodeship. Andrzej Mochoń PhD., President of Targi Kielce mentioned the historical aspects of education in our region as wel as the educational events of the Kielce Exhibition and Congress Centre (Schools Forum, Forum of New Technologies and Innovations in Education).   The opportunities offered by the trade fair, especially those industry-focussed were emphasized by Senator Krzysztof Słoń.

The meeting was also attended by  Ryszard Proksa - the chairman of the National Section for Education and Upbringing of NSZZ Solidarność, Tomasz Pleban - Deputy Regional Chief Education Officer  of Świętokrzyskie Province, Andrzej Sygut - vice-mayor of the city of Kielce and Grzegorz Orawiec - the director of the regional policy department in the Marshals Office of the Świętokrzyskie Province.



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