BIO-MED at 2018's EKOTECH - the waste you generate becomes our responsibility


A full range of BIO-MED' offer will be presented at the  EKOTECH  - 28 February - 1 March.  The company offers comprehensive business services targeted at firms, municipalities and individuals that generate waste. The portfolio included waste collectionfrom a generator and transport services to a waste recovery facility, disposal or utilisation.  In addition, the company is here to help in creation of a Waste Management Plan(consultancy, development).

Piekoszów near Kielce is the company's headquarters.  The company also operates regional facilities in 6 provinces.  In addition to the company services mentioned before, BIO-MED also produces alternative fuels. The fuel properties and qualities will be presented the EKOTECH expo.   High calorific value - up to 23 KJ / kg is the advantage of this type of fuel.   These fuels reduce toxic compounds emissions and therefore offer an excellent substitute for expensive fissile fuels.  The exhibition is the showcase for BIO-MED to present also other products: mineral and organic fertilizer "GRAMED".  GAMED provides soils nutritional elements of organic nature because it combines the advantages of artificial fertilizers and natural manures. It supports field plants, seedlings, etc.  Most importantly, the fertiliser does not contain metals and harmful substances or pathogens.  The company's offer also includes compost.  Such compost largely improves soils quality and enhances plants cultivation as well as  accelerates degraded areas' reclamation and rejuvenation.  

In addition to the above-mentioned, BIO-MED operates a Training and Education Centre.  BIO-MED offers trainings for handling equipment operators as well as psycho-technical tests in addition to courses for forklift trucks, portable cranes (HDS), mobile platforms (man-lifts) and general-use forklifts operators. The detailed offer available at the company's

The company's expo stand and the International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo EKOTECH  welcome all visitors.



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