The award winning products - accolades of the Child-Friendly World Competition organized by the Children's Rights Protection Committee


The  Children's Rights Protection Committee (KOPD) announced the list of winners of the 16th Child-Friendly World Competition on February 28. The competition objective is to promote products and places which significantly enhance children's cognitive, social and emotional development.

The award winning products have received accolades of the 16t Child-Friendly World Competition organized by the Children's Rights Protection Committee. This year's edition has proven to be record-breaking.  The conference chapter assessed about 300 products: books, games, toys, places, accessories.

For years the Chapter has brought together real authorities -Aleksandra Piotrowska PhD., Joanna Olech, Małgorzata Janina Berwid, Dorota Zawadzka, Magdalena Łazarkiewicz, Justyna-Marszałkowska-Jakubik, Artur Barciś, Robert Myśliński, Professor Mieczysław Wasilewski.  The chapter also consults the toy-market specialits:  Dorota Mazurek, Anna Oka, Anna Wakulak and marketing - Dorota Karbowska Zawadzka. The organisers is represented by Mirosława Kątna and Magdalena Stachowiak-Alexandrowicz.

The main prizes for the products registered for the competition have been presented to:Markobaby, Marko, Loowi, Limtech, Marionex, Kalimba, Play2discover, Alexander Toys, Sierra Madre, Kalimba, Grupa Wydania Foksal, Granna, Egmont, Hippocampus, Block N Learn, Our Bookstore, Adamada, Debit, Entliczek, Poławiacze Pereł, Babaryba, New Era, Edgard, Albi, Squla, Nebula, Puls-art, Interedu, Matplaneta.

The distinctions were presented to:Limonka Nursery, Skakanka, Film Art Foundation "Taki jestem [That's Who I am]", EGoFilm Film Academy, Wader-Wozniak, Tuban, Piatnik, Dumel, Granna, Our Bookstore, Artsana, Java, Epideixis, Zielona Sowa [Green Owl], Pytaki, Rebel, Russel, Mostowski, Mały Theater, PWN, Receptors, Entliczek, Foksal, Iuvi, Asiunia, Markobaby, SMYK, MGA, Herlitz, Dumel, Russel, Tuban, Edukatorek.

This year's successful debut:  Mostowski Publishing House, Mały Teatr Ilustracji [the Little Illustrative Theatre], Dobreto, Kooglo building blocks, Ollineck, Marioinex, Albi, Polislav, Puls Art. A full list and products presentation available on the Committee's website.

Congratulation to the prize winners! Awarded books, toys and places have the right to use the Child-Friendly World Competition logo.


For many years, Mrs. Jolanta Kwaśniewska - the former first lay and the Ombudsman for Children - Mr. Marek Michalak have offered the competition their honorary auspices.  Barbara Kurdej-Szatan is the competition ambassador.  Aleksander and Michał Żebrowski also provided Ambassadors' support. The full list of media patrons and partners



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