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Sabat FictionFest - great fun and unforgettable memories guaranteed .

The Sabat Fiction Association and Targi Kielce SA  have once again joined forces and cordially invite you to visit  Kielce for the fifth Sabat Fiction Fantasy Fest edition. The event is held from 17 to 19 August 2018in Targi Kielce exhibition and congress centre.  Lovers of broadly defined pop culture, fantasy and the Far East culture will again have the opportunity to savour the exceptional three days. The Targi Kielce exhibition halls will be packed with attractions!

This year's festival edition will become an even more important spot on Poland’s convention map - not only is this the biggest, but also as the only event  of this type in the region.  The Świętokrzyskie convent that has been held since 2013. Now  Jagacon and the Sabat Fiction - Fantasy Festival Fest are combined into one event. This has been designed to offer an unforgettable weekend for all lovers of widely defined pop culture. And there is much more to that!

The event’s agenda includes:  Bomb Charades, Quidittcha Village, Knowledge-COntests, Hearthstone, Cosplay Competition, Nock Animeand,

Manga drawing. 



A detailed program available at


We look forward to seeing you.

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