A famous aircraft designer, the founder of Areoprakt company will make his appearance at the 2nd edition of the Kielce aviation enthusiasts' expo. The guest will lecture on "From the Amateurs Club to a Professional Aviation Company".

The well-known aircraft  designer Yuriy Yakovlev will be the guest of the Light Aviation Expo at  Targi Kielce.
The well-known aircraft designer Yuriy Yakovlev will be the guest of the Light Aviation
Expo at Targi Kielce.

Yuriy Yakovlev started his adventure with aircraft construction as a 17-year-old boy who won a scholarship and enrolled the Kujbyshe Institute (today's Samara).  Even then there was the Institute-associated Amateur Aerobatics Club called Aeropract Yakovlev was a member of. The Club exists now too.  During his studies he actively participated in the construction of the training glider and the design of A-5 composite seaplanes. The next design was Yakovlev's original project - the 1981's composite A-8 Tandem.  Both these constructions were recognized as very advanced as for amateur projects and won numerous awards for the Club.

After the university graduation Yakovlev started working in the Antonov factory design office in Kyiv, where he worked until 1995. Yakovlev was involved in the design of the AN-70 transport aircraft and its variants as well as in the light passenger aircraftAN-38 project development. Just after arriving in Kiev, he organized a new club called Aeroprakt. The two-seater T-8 training plane was designed and bulit in this club. In 1990 the new A-20 two-seater "Czerwoniec" was project launched – the idea was to launch serial production. For that purpose, the aviation lovers club Aeroprakt became the base for the company. Yuriy Yakovlev became its main constructor.

Several dozen A-20 aircraft have been produced, many of these are still used in the USA, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Jordan, the UAE, Singapore, Ukraine, Hungary and Poland. They are mainly used for recreational flights, pilot trainings, sports competitions, aerial inspection of gas and oil pipelines.

At present Aeroprakt concentrates on mass production of its best-seller - A-22 "Szarik".  Up to now more than 300 A-22 aircraft have been produced. The aircraft is popular with customers from all continents. Also, the twin-engine variant of the A-20 marked A-26 has become another successful Aeroprakt project. Up to now 15 A-26 aircraft have been produced. The twin-engined aircraft  has been very well received in the US' markets. This market has thus been the company's targed with A-26's successor – Aeroprakt-36.

Aeroprakta's engineering office is still working on new models.  The four-passenger A-24 four-seater amphibian, A-28 powered by two Rotax 912 engines as well as the lightweight three-seater A-24 and A-28 four-seater two-engine have been developed.

The Aeroprakt's interesting history, the career of this well-known designer and the design of aircraft  in Yuri Yakovlev's presentations. Join the  Light Aviation Expo in Targi Kielce on 7and 8 October! 



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