A feast for the senses - this is a nut-shell recapitulation of the birthday evening-gala which marks the occasion; Targi Kielce celebrates its 25th jubilee. The fiesta was staged on Thursday evening, February 8. The Kielce Dance Theatre, the Fermata Chamber Choir, Piotr Restecki, the Mr Pollack band and soloists performed on stage


-Targi Kielcemeans the cooperation of many people who have shaped the company over the years - this is how the Kielce Mayor  Wojciech Lubawski began his speech - A combination of happy events and wise decisions have advanced Targi Kielce to become today's Polish exhibition market's leaders - he continued.

The Targi Kielce President Bożena Staniak also mentioned the role of the employees - the history of Targi Kielce is the history of people who have created this place.  We are grateful that you have been with us in successful times, but also in difficult moments - emphasized the Targi Kielce President and expressed her gratitude for the staffs' commitment and work - We are open for new challenges. Let us join in celebrating our jubilee together.

The Congress Centre's  stage-performances started with the Kielce Dance Theatre dancers' live show. The "See Jazz" transferred the guests into the New Orleans clubs.  The atmosphere of jazz clubs also marked Ryszard Styła's performance.  Piotr Restecki also showed his guitar skills and talent.  A dose of delicate sounds was offered by the Fermata Choir performing the Marek Grechuta's songs.  The solo-singers - Katarzyna Lisowska, Basia Sipa, Aleksandra Gąska, Roman Słomka, Paweł Oszywa accompanied by the band enchanted the listeners with their voices.  The Mr Pollack band's performance won the Kielce public's hearts.  The music part culminated in the joint performance by all artists.  The sound of "We are the champions" filled the stage, torrents of balloons and confetti covered the auditorium.

However, this was not all - there more attractions prepared by the Targi Kielce team.  The guests also participated in a show of fires.  The performance was staged on the square in front of the Congress Centre; this part triggered emotional reactions.  However, it was not only the Ukrainian Genesis group's performance and the fire that that set the house on fire. The traditional mulled wine was also served much to the spectators' delight. 

The concert was the culmination of the Targi Kielce's 25th jubilee  celebrations. The inhabitants of our city filled the largest hall Congress Centre to the brim.  The hall normally houses over eight hundred people, yet this time extra chairs had to be used.


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