The event starts in:
7-8 October 2017

Light Aviation Expo

paragiełda Polish light aviation sector has been continually growing; every year about 30 new machines are registered.  Not only are airplanes owned by private persons. More and more companies opt for these modern and comfortable means of transport. Bearing in mind that Poland is this part of Europe's largest market, we have prepared a special offer - the Kielce Light Aviation Expo - a perfect platform for promotion and knowledge disseminations. The expo made their successful début last year; it attracted 1,500 of flying-aficionados.

This is a special place for producers from this part of Europe - you are wholeheartedly invited to exhibit your products and services at the upcoming event.  Not only will this be a great opportunity to put your offer on show, but also to present your specialization as well as all assets and strengths of aviation industry.  We believe that your expo participation is a perfect chance you to establish numerous business relationships and thus boost your company's growth.

paragiełda Targi Kielce maintains direct relationships with 40,000 customers - exhibitors of nearly 75 expos and participants of more than 700 conferences organized held every year. These annual event attracts 250,000 visitors. Targi Kielce is ranked second among all Central and Eastern Europe's congress centres; thus Targi Kielce boasts extensive experience in expo and trade shows organisation. Now our skills and expertise is available for your business sector and companies.

What needs to be highlighted is the special time the Light Aviation Expo is held. October is the end of the season. This is also a perfect time to plan investments and purchases equipment for the upcoming season. For you this is a unique opportunity to present the latest developments and launch products. Therefore we believe that the unique expo and exceptional industry-insiders meeting will be beneficial to all its participants and guests. This is much more than the exhibition - the programme includes discussions on aviation industry, air traffic, presentations of new models, films screenings and much more.

The Kielce Light Aviation Expo looks forward to your participation and cooperation.