Light Aviation Expo

Targi Kielce - the venue for high-fliers Expo

The two-day light aviation exhibition hosted 2,500 visitors.

It has taken only two years for the number of exhibitors at Kielce's light aviation expo to double. Nearly 60 companies, distinguished guests and many problem-focussed events; we can venture a saying that 2017's Light Aviation Expo staged at Targi Kielce on 7 and 8 October culminated in a success.

targi lotnictwa lekkiego The interest in the exhibition has also significantly increased - the first edition attracted 1500 people, the second – 2500. For the expo visitors this was the chance to become familiar with the companies which presented and offered ultralight machines such as: air-planes: Aeroprakt 22L,Pipistrel Virus SW, CTLS, gyroplanes; Xenon4, DTA Gyro, Magni Gyro, Cavalon, helicopters : Argo AK, Yo-Yo and Dynali H3, gliders: Junior and Puchacz. There was also the history-focussed accent – the Kukułka manufactured in the 1970's and made available for the exhibition by the Aviation Museum in Krakow.

In addition to the light aircraft exhibition, the Targi Kielce event was complemented with the "General Aviation - Infrastructure, Training, Regulations" Conference organized by Polish Aviation Club. The development opportunities for light aviation in Poland in the context of a growing number of ultralight aircraft registered every year was one of the discussion topics.


The Drones Zone

The Light Aviation Expo  was also the showcase for drones; for several years drones have become an inseparable element of the Polish skies. At the Civil Aviation Authority has recorded an increased number of certificates issued over the recent year for unmanned aerial vehicles operators. Kielce featured AirVain special drone in show; this is a signature development for transport of blood. Wroclaw, Rzeszow, Rzeszów, Warsaw and Poznan Universities of Technology and the Air Force's School in Deblin presented innovative designs of drone, simulators at their expo stands. The panel on unmanned aerial vehicles which focused on legal regulations, new technologies and the use of drones generated an avid interest.


targi lotnictwa lekkiego, drony Outstanding pilots at Targi Kielce

Many visitors found it a unique and exceptional experience  to meet the two light aviation personages. The exhibition hosted Yuri Yakovlev, the Ukrainian ultra-light aircraft designer, the pilot and owner of Aeroprakt. His lecture focused on his company's history and the way from an amateur  aviation club  to the world-known aircraft manufacturer.

Aviation enthusiasts, particularly gliding lovers had the chance to meet Captain Jerzy Makula - 7-times World Glider Acrobatics Champion, the excellent Dreamliner pilot . The meeting with this experienced ace of flying gathered dozens of people.


Aviation-focused exhibitions

Those whose passions encompass both flying and photography had the opportunity to admire two exhibitions staged within the scope of the expo.One of them featured Roman Peczka – a specialist in air-to-air photography who has professionally been associated with Przegląd  Lotniczy Magazine. The other exhibition was the display of Sławek hesja Krajniewski's works – a talented photographer and a true fan of  aviation photography. The TLL was also the time for competitions resolutions "Flying brings us together" and "Up-in-the-air Expo".

We are already looking forwards to seeing you at the consecutive Light Aviation Expo edition in 2018.