MODEL KIT EXPO - product and service range:


  • Manufacturers and distributors of plastic, resin, cardboard and wooden scale-models,  
  • Manufacturers and distributors of modelling accessories for model-assembly and painting (scissors, files, bending-appliances, airbrushes, pliers and pincers) plastics, resin and wood bonding tools (classic-type glues for plastics, cyanoacrylate adhesives, wood adhesives),  Model-weathering and vintage-effects - photo etched parts / painted parts, self-adhesive parts.
  • Manufacturers of weathering and vintage-effect elements of resin e.g. pilot seats, cockpits, wheels, motors and other.
  • Manufacturers of acrylic and oil paints, diluents and various substances used for so-called weathering, which allows to produce faithful replicas.
  • Publishers of modelling, military and civilian technology magazines.