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Ukraine's first contracting B2B bike expo already in September.

Over eight years the Kielce Bike - Expo has advanced to become one of Europe's most important bicycle industry exhibitions. The event's success has inspired the organizers to take up the challenges. Already this September, the Lviv Bike Expo makes its début. The first Ukrainian Bicycle Expo edition is scheduled from 27 to 29 September 2018.

Kielce Bike - Expo is Targi Kielce's and the Polish Cycling Association's immense success. The organisers join forces with the partners - Gal Expo and Boomerang Boardshop in order boost our eastern neighbours' love for bikes and cycling. 

This comes as no surprise, because Polish bicycle industry has been dynamically developing. The Polish business-sector's appetite for foreign markets is therefore growing. The exhibition held in Ukraine is the swift response to the expectations of domestic customers. 

The bicycle market in the East of Europe is in its early development stage, but already demonstrates great potentials.  The fashion for cycling-lifestyle has already started there. This can be demonstrated with the first urban bike-rental facilities.  Ukrainians have recognised the potentials bicycle as a means of transport, the authorities have developed intensive plans to build new cycling routes. 


The promotion of  Lviv Bike- Expo has already started!



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