The event starts in:
27-28 September 2019

4th Light Aviation Expo

targi lotnicze aviation expo AVIATION EXPO – one stop shop for all aspects of the aviation industry

Almost 40,000 new aircraft will be built in the next 20 years. This the global aviation market forecast. Poland’s aviation industry may have a significant share

This development offers the opportunity for many domestic producers. According to specialists’ estimates, in each aircraft there is at least one part produced in our country. The industry’s innovativeness, Poland’s Air Industry Clusters’ development, a rapid growth in the drone market - these facts alone offer great opportunities for Polish companies which may develop alongside the aviation industry’s boom. Targi Kielce meets the expectations of producers and buyers and clients who buy aviation products and make use of aviation services market and thus expands the the existing Light Aviation Expo’s format. 27 to 28 September 2019 - this is when the AVIATION EXPO welcomes all exhibitors and visitors. 

This event is targeted at the aviation industry representatives and designed as a showcase foe specialised technologies, products and services for broadly understood aviation business sector.

- The new format has been designed to reach the professional, business-insider clients. The Targi Kielce expo thus becomes the aviation market’s one–stop-shop says Damian Kudaka, the AVIATION EXPO manager in Targi Kielce.- A rapid development of Radom Sadków Airport is a fact. This expansion’s objective is unburden the Warsaw Chopin Airport. Targi Kielce - ranked second among all Central and Eastern Europe’s exhibition centres enjoys a perfect with tis good transport connections with Radom. This makes Targi Kielce a perfect expo venue.

aviation expo - targi dla rynku lotniczego Production of equipment and various devices mounted not only on such airliners as Boeing or Airbus, but also on ultralight air-planes for private use as well as airport equipment play a significant role in Poland’s aviation market development. Many aircraft parts and equipment manufactured in Poland are sent to the US, Germany, Canada, Italy and even South Korea in addition to a whole array of other countries - adds the Expo manager.-What is more - nearly 30 light aircraft are registered for private or for company use in Poland a year. Poland has become Central and Eastern Europe’s largest sales market for all kinds of aviation services. Therefore our part of continent based producers have the opportunity to present their offer at Targi Kielce and demonstrate the aviation industry’s strengths and high specialization.

Who will we see at Targi Kielce in September?

Targi Kielce  expands the aviation market presentations spectrum and looks forward to seeing you at exhibition. Not only does it present light aviation portfolio, which includes from small aircraft, paragliders, helicopters, gyroplanes, gliders, engines and propeller backpacks, powered gliders, hang gliders, parachutes as it used to be the case of the Light Aviation Expo and PARAGIEŁDA presentations. The scope is expanded to include avionics, airport and navigation systems, ILS light systems for large passenger airports. The dynamic development of Polish airport infrastructure offers the aerospace industry producers a further development impulse for the coming years.

lotnictwo na targach lotniczych aviation expo w targach kielce The 2019’s Kielce AVIATION EXPO also welcomes schools and HEI's, aviation clubs, associations and organizations. Airport and landing-strip owners, airline repair companies and similar will also join the exhibitors list. Industry magazines and portals find the expo a must attend event.

Important conferences held within the scope of the AVIATION EXPO

In addition to the exhibition, the Kielce AVIATION EXPO exhibition will offer extra advantages and attractions: the international conference devoted to modern unmanned aerial vehicles technologies. the seminar is organised in cooperation with SSW Pragmatic Solutions and Joanna Wieczorek, a well-known expert in aviation law. The light aviation elite and top professionals will be brought together at the same time and in one place. The Targi Kielce AVIATION EXPO 2019.

We look forward to seeing you in Kielce 27-28 September 2019.