4th International Expo of Innovativeness and New Technologies INNO-TECH EXPO

inno-tech Another step towards innovative projects

Targi Kielce's 3rd International Expo of Innovativeness and New Technologies INNO-TECH EXPO attracted 1,100 visitors. The 86 exhibitors put their products and services  on 1,200 square metres of exhibition space. The fourth event's edition held from 27 to 28 October 2016 gives us another chance to delve into the world of innovative designs and ground-breaking solutions.

- Targi Kielce is heading the right direction. INNO-TECH ought to duplicate the way Targi Kielce has gone along.  Back then, nobody expected that MSPO would be Kielce's landmark and Polish defense industry's flagship. Let us hope that the expo which starts today will share this trend - said the Foreign Affairs Minister Grzegorz Schetyna during the opening ceremony of the third INNO-TECH EXPO edition. 

 inno-tech 2015 Poland eagerly looks for solutions to respond 21st century's challenges. Every day brings the information that new products we used to see at George Lucas' "Star Wars" are actually put on the market. The world of new technology provides a whole array of opportunities. This Autumn, Targi Kielce's event offers another chance to see the opportunities and solutions brought by the new technologies.

The expo agenda, in addition to the exhibition abounds with conferences and workshops.

The event will again demonstrate the innovativeness' enormous impact on how we will live in just a few years' time.

Stay tuned - we will keep you posted. More information available soon.