Trends in private labels market


Akademia Future Private Labels Already 34 percent of products sold by Polish retailers are branded with the retailer's brand, in addition to the manufacturer's logo. The latest information was presented in PLMA Private Label Yearbook; the report based on exclusive AC Nielsen data was requested by the Private Label Manufacturers Association. In the coming years this category is expected to continue development, especially in food-products sector as well as in the segments of cosmetics, sports-wear and consumers electronics *.

Poland is gradually catching up with other  European countries; 14 of 20 countries presented in AC Nielsen survey reported an increase in private labels market share in 2015.  Switzerland (53%), Spain (52%), the UK (45%), Germany and Portugal (44%) recorded the highest volume shares. However, Central and Eastern Europe's countries  are also in the up-trend,   with Poland's 34%, Hungary's 34%, Slovakia's 33% and the Czech Republic's 32%. Seventeen of the countries recorded increases in value share; this clearly demonstrates the category's growing potentials. 

Judging by the retail-chains' activities, mixture of formats and major players' strategies, I believe that we will soon see the "premium private brands" offer put on shelves of supermarkets and hypermarkets, but not only.  Network activities mainly focus on quality enhancement of white label products which are already available. They are also into packaging re-design  - Dorota Kałowska comments the private label market trends. Mrs. Kałowska is Cobalt Spark partner and the Polish Trade Chamber expert,

This is just the exemplification of important developments in Poland's private labels market. Therefore, if you want to keep abreast of strategies and successfully develop your private label business, the 3rd PLME Conference and Exhibition - Future Private Labels is a must-attend event. Join us on 15 and 16 June 2016. 


* Source: "Brand perception of private labels - development prospects for private label market in Poland" report published by the On Board  Group in July 2014 in conjunction with the Polish Trade Chamber, the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the SW Research.