2nd Light Aviation Expo

paragiełda Paragiełda for the third time in Targi Kielce!

Several dozens of market leaders - major manufacturers, importers and distributors of gliders, engines, propeller backpacks, paragliders, hang gliders, trikes, powered gliders, parachutes and even balloons and kitesurfing equipment…  this and much, much more on show at the 3rd Light Aviation Expo PARAGIEŁDA at Targi Kielce - the event held on 13 and 14 October.

Last year, nearly 60 companies took part in the event, and the exhibition hoisted 2,500 visitors. This year’s expo has already gained great popularity with exhibitors as well as these who want to visit the exhibition. The third exhibition to be held in Targi Kielce is organised in conjunction withGekon Glide Club; the expo was the one-stop-shop for lovers of hang-gliders, powered gliders, paragliders. In addition to the equipment on which you can fly, they will also specialised clothes, and all accessories and gadgets pilots find handy and useful.

paragiełda The Power-Glider Polish Cup and Polish Power-Glider League are presented in Kielce for the second time at a special gala ceremony. The sky-high sports aficionados are thus offered a great opportunity to meet the best brought together for  Kielce events.

There will be special guests galore. The oldest paraglider Janusz Orłowski, also known as "Praszczur", the current Guinness record holder is one of the featured guests. The Targi Kielce Paragiełda will also host Remi Kaleta, a pilot and the author of the book "The Flying Wanderer". Both guests will lecture on October 14; this will be a part of the "Gecko-air stories" event hosted by Piotr Sawka, President Gekon Glide Club. However, this is just a teaser - the Kielce expo will host a galore of interesting personages.

It is worth remembering that Paragiełda will be accompanied with the second edition of the Light Aviation Expo  and the  Scale-Modelling Exhibition - Model Kit-Expo. https://www.targikielce.pl/pl/modelkitexpo.htm