MSPO 2016 - Awards and prizes


The Republic of Poland President’s Award

for the best product which serves the purpose of the RP Armed Forces soldiers’ safety improvement  

  • The consortium of  MESKO SA - Skarżysko-Kamienna (consortium-leader) + Jarosław Dąbrowski  Military University of Technology - Warsaw  and Development and Implementation Centre  Telesystem - MESKO LLC - Lubiczów  for  Anti-Aircraft Missile Sets (PPZR) PIORUN




  • PIT-RADWAR S.A from Warsaw for The mobile radar station BYSTRA
  • PCO SA - Warsaw for Thermal imaging camera for Armoured Personal Carrier ROSOMAK-KLW-1R "ASTERIA"
  • KenBIT Koenig and Partners General Partnership, - Warsaw for MHS PIGEON - Vessel- mounted Communication Processing and Broadcasting System compatible with ACP 127 and STANAG 5066
  • WB Electronics S.A., Ożarów Mazowiecki, for Unmanned Aircraft System ŁOŚ
  • Marine Technology Research and Development Centre S.A- Gdynia for Stabilized submarine, sensor platform for mine-countermeasure operations
  • Professor Józef Kosacki Military Institute of Technical Engineering - Wrocław for Mine-set for electric detonation of MW charges
  • Military Electronic Works S.A.- Zielonka for TR-I (Instructor's Equipment Set)
  • IMS GRIFFIN LLC - Warsaw for Light multi-purpose target locator MOSKITO TI
  • Hertz Systems Ltd - Zielona Gora (leader) + NovAtel Inc. - Calgary / Canada (partner) for HGPST T ANTI-JAM - - High interference-immunity level GPS / SAASM navigation system based on the HGPST R-EFTS receiver and GAJT-710 ML antenna



Minister of National Defence's Distinction

  • ilitary Institute of Armament Technology - Zielonka for Unmanned, vertical take-off warhead-carrier GK-1 / GO-1 - "DRAGONFLY" 


Commander in Chief of the Border Guards' Distinction - Boarder Guards Laurel

  • Przemysłowy Instytut Automatyki i Pomiarów PIAP from Warszawy 

Commander in Chief of the State Fire Services Distinction

  • Instytut Techniczny Wojsk Lotniczych


Police Commander In Chief Distinction 

  • Hertz Systems Ltd Sp. z o.o. form Zielona Góra


MSPO Medals for the stand arrangement

For elegance and exhibition presentation style:

  • IMI SYSTEMS Ltd., Israel (E-27) 
  • MBDA France (E-17))
  • MEGMAR LOGISTICS & Consulting LLC, Kutno (D-53)
  • Saab Technologies Poland LLC, Warsaw (F-27)
  • THALES Global Services S.A.S, France (E-44)
  • UKRSPECEXPORT, Ukraine (D-18) 
  • WORKS 11 LLC, Katowice (E18)
  • RADIOTECHNIKA, Pietrzykowice (G-20)
  • Rafael, Israel (E-36) 
  • Raytheon, United States (E-38)

For original exhibition stand arrangement for:

  • AIRBUS GROUP N.V., the Netherlands (F-6, ZF-6)
  • CENZIN LLC, Warszawa (E-12).
  • IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries, Israel (E-35) 
  • LEONARDO, Italy (E-21) 
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation, USA (E-43) 
  • Norwegian Defence and Security Industries Association (FSi), Norway (F-5) 
  • WB Electronics S.A., Ożarów Mazowiecki (F-1)

For spectacular collective expo presentation for:

  • Polish Armaments Group S.A, Radom (C Expo Hall) 
  • Polish Armed Forces (A Expo Hall)


Distinctions to commemorate the companies anniversaries:

  • HOLSTERS HPE Poland, Kielce
  • PCO S.A, Warsaw
  • Janusz Groszkowski Military Communication Institute, Zegrze Południowe
  • The Military Institute of Armament Technology, Zielonka