22nd International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL

plastpol 2018 - targi przetwórstwa tworzyw sztucznych PLASTPOL 2018 - the industry and business-sector have again proven their excellent standing

This year's Targi Kielce's International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL hosted even more internationals and foreign companies than ever before. 2018's PLASTPOL was the showcase for 812 companies from 39 countries - thus the event has maintained its status of Poland's most international trade fair in all economy sectors. The 34,000 square meters exhibition space in all 7 exhibition halls of Kielce exhibition and congress centre. PLASTPOL brought together 19,000 business insiders.

Over 50 percent of exhibitors are foreign companies. According to the latest PlasticsEurope results for 2017, the most plastics processing industry foreign investors represent from Germany, Austria and Italy. These results are in concord with Plastpol related data - companies from these countries are the largest group of exhibitors.

plastpol 2018 - przetwórstwo tworzyw sztucznych - According to the latest PlasticsEurope data presented by the foundation during the Plastpol opening conference held at the Targi Kielce Congress Centre's viewing tower, Poland's industry has grown by 9 percent compared to 2016.This means that Polish plastics converters and business-insider companies have been dynamically developing. The demand for plastics has been growing too. The development translates into the Kielce meetings quality – comments Andrzej Mochoń PhD, President of Board at  Targi Kielce. – This and the previous expo editions have strengthened PLASTPOL expo's position as the Central and Eastern Europe's leading meeting place for the plastics processing industry.

– It is worth emphasising that exhibitions of similar prestige and magnitude are not held in the neighbouring countries east and south off Poland. This fact has been often reiterated and repeated in our conversations and discussions with exhibitors. The four-day Targi Kielce expo hosted nearly 19,000 visitors - says Kamil Perz, the Trade Fair Department Director at Targi Kielce. This year's PLASTPOL offered the business-insiders the opportunity to become familiar with offer of the exhibitions from: Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Qatar, South Korea, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Serbia , Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, USA, Hungary, Great Britain, Vietnam and Italy and of course Poland.


plastpol 2018 - maszyny i technologie do przetwórstwa tworzyw sztucznych The Polish plastics industry representatives at the meeting at Targi Kielce

 The four-day exhibition was preceded with the annual meeting of plastics industry  "Prospects - Innovations - Challenges" jointly organized by the PlasticsEurope Polska Foundation and the Polish Union of Plastics Converters. The conference brought together the leading industry companies' representatives from Poland. The business sector's condition and today's challenges were discussed in the course of the session. Closed circuit economy and related-changes' impact upon Poland's and Europe's plastics industry have been this year's meeting's leitmotif; it was presented and discussed in relation to the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy adopted on January 2018.

PLASTPOL brings optimistic data - PlasticsEurope presentation

Last-year's production and demand for plastics in Poland and Europe were announced at Targi Kielce on the first day of the exhibition. The data clearly indicate that demand has been constantly growing and the industry has therefore been dynamically developing. 2017's plastics consumption in Poland is estimated at approx 3.5 million tonnes - this was the increase of 9% compared to 2016. This is a very good result juxtaposed with whole Europe whose increase is estimated at 3.5% and the demand at the level of 51.7 million tonnes. Poland's demand for plastics represent's 6.8% of the average European demand. Demand for plastics ranks Poland sixth in Europe, right after Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the Great Britain. 

plastpol 2018 Polish and European plastics industry face challenges which could have a negative impact on the plastics industry competitiveness. These are related to the Plastics Strategy announced by the European Commission at the beginning of the year and the implementation of the Circular Economy. - said Kazimierz Borkowski, Managing Director of the PlasticsEurope Poland Foundation who spoke at the 2018 PLASTPOL. – Restrictions related to specific products, as it was the case of plastic bags may also be imposed. It is equally important to stop marine environment pollution caused by abandoned plastic waste. The industry has implemented promotion programs for plastic waste management proven solutions and correct consumer behaviour promotion. "

Omniplast for the 9th time held in Kielce

The ninth Omniplast Finals was held within the scope of the expo. Omniplast is aimed to disseminate and popularise knowledge of plastic processing and the related processing technologies. Omniplast is organized by Targi Kielce and www.tworzywa.pl internet portal. Jacek Łyżwa of Plastoplan was the 9th edition champion.  Paweł Rup from A. Schulman Polska was the runner-up. Jacek Kuliś - the Wittmann Battenfeld Polska representative was ranked the third.

plastpol 2018 - wtryskarki "From Idea to Industry" - the  Open Technical Seminar - PLASTECH – INFO 2018 

"Plastic Product Products Design and Development" was the main theme of the two-day Plastech Info Technical Seminar, the event which has accompanied the Kielce plastics industry expo. The Plastech Info Technical Seminar discussed practical solutions of Polish companies. The presentations encompassed the issue of machine integration and the Industry 4.0 ideas. The solutions designed to improve machines efficiency and technological novelties and innovative ideas for work improvement were in the limelight.  SmartMonitoring was also in focus - this is a form of ongoing control of the machines', production centres' or even entire plants' operation. One of the seminar topics were also mobile applications designed to help in production managing and maintenance when if one is away from the plant. This encompasses a CMS system for error-spotting and machine damage information. Coupled with the application, CMS makes it possible to track all failures and problems.

Targi Kielce Medals presented at the Platinum Plast Gala

The gala was the occasion to recognise the best products and the most beautiful expo stands. The Jury Panel of the 22 International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOl  was chaired by professor Engineer Józef Koszkul PhD. of the Czestochowa University of Technology. The Targi Kielce distinctions and medals for the best products presented at Targi Kielce expo were presented in a number of categories. The exhibition space arrangement was also appreciated -  the most interesting expo stand gained accolades.

See the complete list of PLASTPOL 2018's winners list

plastpol 2018 This year's PLASTPOL abounded with meetings and events staged at the exhibitors' expo stands. The expo was a vibrant place for all the four days. The presence of male and female volleyball players offered a lot of sports excitement. The Azoty Group expo stand hosted Izabela Bełcik and Agnieszka Bednarek-Kasza. The volleyball players talked about themselves. At the end they tossed autographed balls towards the audience. The next day Targi Kielce and PLASTPOL hosted by Sławomir Jungiewicz and Rafał Szymura, ZAKSA's volleyball players who had the meeting with the fans. The sports stars also presented Kamil Perz, Trade Fair Department Director with a T-shirt with signatures on.

The 23 International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOl will be held from 28 to 31 May 2019 in Kielce. We look forward to seeing you.