21st International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL

plastpol PLASTPOL features the industry's front-runners

The Kielce Plastics Processing Expo has strengthened its market position in Poland and Europe 

Excellent standing of the domestic ans also international plastics processing companies has been clearly demonstrated at the international PLASTPOl which concluded on 26  May in Kielce.The industry's positive reports on 2016's results 806 companies from 36 countries, 18,900 sqm visitors at the four-day expo - this is  a nut-shell presentation of PLASTPOL 2017. The exhibition used 34,000 square meters of the exhibition space and thus reported an increase compared to last year's event.

Poland's largest industry exhibition and at the same time one of Europe's highly-regarded industry events was the showcase for Polish plastics processing leaders and recycling-sector front-runners. Over the recent years, Plastpol has reported a steady increase in the number of recycling-business companies exhibiting at this trade-fair. More than 50% of the exhibitors at 2017's expo have been foreign companies. The international exhibitors list includes Germany, Austria, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Great Britain, Lithuania, Israel, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Russia, USA, Slovakia, Hungary, Egypt, Japan, China, Malaysia. It has already been the expo tradition that German and Italian companies enjoyed the strongest representation. A large group of Turkish and Chinese companies boasted these countries' plastics industries' potentials.

plastpol 2017 With so many foreign companies, Plastpol has advanced to become Poland's most international exhibition among all trade-fairs held in our country - says Andrzej Mochoń PhD, President of Board at  Targi Kielce. - For years the Kielce expo has generated a growing interest among visitors from home and abroad.  2017's exhibition hosted 18.900 visitors.


The highly-appreciated Europe-wide exhibition

2017's Plastpol has further strengthened its position of the leading meeting platform for the plastics processing industry in Central and Eastern Europe. This has been confirmed by exhibitors from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - the countries which do not organise exhibitions of this kind. Foreign companies are eager to cooperate with the Polish market-players owing to the fact that Poland's develops more dynamically compared to many the EU counterparts.

- This has been a very successful edition for our company - said Marcin Zemczak from the Azoty Group when recapitulating the expo. 
- We have hosted many customers; not only have we been asked interesting questions, but we have also learned much, too. The has been successful in our opinion.

- Year after year, Targi Kielce, the city of Kielce and its infrastructure, logistics, hotel facilities have been growing and advancing. We have always been pleasantly surprised. We shall certainly return to Kielce. - added Iwona Kołat from Albis.

plastpol We have exhibited in Kielce for the sixth time. Plastpol is a unique event in this part of Europe - it is specifically dedicated to the plastics industry. Not only is this expo important for Poland, but also for neighbouring countries. The quality of the visitors has influenced our decision to take part in the expo - commented Mustafa Palabiyik of Üstün İş Makina from Turkey.

- We are truly satisfied with this exhibition. Plastpol is the best - we have already confirmed our participation in 2018's expo - says Paolo Gasparotto from Italian Maretto company.


Smart production - the expo's leading trend

"Smart production" and ubiquitous and omnipresent digitization have been the predominant trends at this year's Plastpol. A whole array of expo stands were the display for the latest robots, machines, fully computerized and automated production lines which interact with each other. Not only do they communicate within one production line, but they also inform and notify production supervisors about mistakes, a need to place an order for raw material the line might be running out. For the four days, "Industry 4.0" concept-based machines boasted live their capabilities - production lines were manufacturing a wide variety of everyday items. Visitors could see benefits at a glance: optimized production, shorter lead times, fewer process errors.


plastpol Industry's facts and figures - the experts recapitulated 2016's results

The 21 International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOl was the occasion to wrap-up last year's results of the whole business-sector.  According to the data presented by the Polish Union of Plastics Converters at the 10th, jubilee Plastics Industry Conference held on the eve of Plastpol, investments and employment have increased. Polish companies also increased sales of their products.

- Over the recent 10-year period, domestic producers have been able to increase their share in the European Union's plastics processing industry by 40 percent  - said Robert Szyman, the Director of the Polish Union of Plastics Converters. - In 2016, a 7 per cent increase in sold products was recorded. There was also 10 per cent investment and almost 6 per cent employment increase.

Plastpol would not be the same without PlasticsEurope Polska's conference organized on May 23 - on the day of the expo opening. The conference was held in the 27-metre look-out tower of Targi Kielce. The Foundation presented industry-related data for Poland's and Europe's markets.

- Demand for plastics ranks Poland sixth in Europe, right after Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the Great Britain. - said Mr Kazimierz Borkowski, Managing Director of the PlasticsEurope Polska Foundation at the press conference. - The overall plastic consumption in particular business segments - packaging industry's demand increased to 33.5%, compared to 31.5% last year. In construction sector the demand decreased from 27.6% to 24.4%. The automotive and E&E sectors have demonstrated a constant demand increase - up to 9.4% and 6.2% respectively.


plastpol Accolades for the best the PlatinumPlast and Omniplast gala ceremony

On the first day of the expo, the 10 plastics industry experts faced the challenge - the finals of the Omniplast contest. Michał Kurleto from Wadim Plast was pronounced the winner. Adrian Nowak from Synventive was the runner-up and Agata Lechocka from Master Colors was the third. The awards were presented at Platinum Plast Gala Ceremony.

Traditionally, Targi Kielce Medals and Distinctions were presented for the best products on show as well as for interesting stands' arrangements. The Jury Panel  of the 21st International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOl  was chaired by professor Engineer Józef Koszkul PhD. of the Czestochowa University of Technology. The 11 distinctions and 6 medals for the best products were presented in three categories. KM Plastics, Wadim Plast, Dopak, NTQ, PTC Artur Szreder, Nordson Xalory Europe were the medal-winners. The most interesting expo stands arrangements and cutting-edge expo presentation were also awarded with medals - Albis, Akpol, Ampacet, Brenntag, Azoty Group, NTQ, Wadim Plast were pronounced the winners.


plastpol A reliable dose of knowledge

This year's Plastpol was a mine of industry-related knowledge; the expo agenda included a number of scientific and technical conferences. The two-day open Technical Seminar of PLASTECH – INFO was held under the banner of "Manufacturing process in the plastics processing sector - organization and management".

Albis celebrated its jubilee with live piano performances. Mol Group used Kielce as the stage to announce its strategy for the coming years. Igus presented the Manus prize at the meeting with the industry-insiders and journalists. The additive manufacturing technologies application in plastics processing organised by FADO was one of the many presentations. Plastpol abounded with attractions such as meetings with sports-people the Azoty Group's expo stand. For almost an hour Piotr Żyła gave away his autographs and took photos with fans. The ZAKSA Kedzierzyn - Koźle and Chemik Police volleyball players also meet with fans. The four-day expo was the venue for Polish and foreign companies' events, presentations galore as well as meetings with journalists, live demonstrations at the expo stands.

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