19th International Exhibition of Church Construction, Church Fittings and Furnishings and Religious Art SACROEXPO

sacroexpo 2018 Constructive conversations and discussions, well-known guests - SACROEXPO 2018’s recapitulation

More than 5,000 guests were hosted at the 19th International Exhibition of Church Construction, Church Fittings and Furnishings and Religious Art SACROEXPO287 companies which represent 11 countries used the expo as the showcase for their offer. The expo was complemented with numerous meetings, debates and conferences.

Icons, prayer books, stoles and rosaries - a wealth of forms put on show at the exhibition

The exhibition offered its guests the opportunity to become familiar with the offer of companies which represent: Poland, the United States, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Russia, Germany, Macedonia and Portugal. Not only was SACROEXPO a showcase for church-targeted products and services. Targi Kielce's expos is one-stop-shop presentation of the latest trends in sacral art, devotional items and accessories as well as church fitments, new technologies for sacral construction and properties and heritage conservation. The expo visitors saw the abundance of liturgical vestments and vessels as well as a full range of religious publications. There were also paintings and icons. Rosaries made of pearls and malachite may look less spectacular yet they are close to our hearts. New technologies aficionados were offered audio-books and e-books as well as the chance to become acquainted with the DROGOWSKAZ application - this is an easy and swift way to find the nearest church, check mass hours and confession times. The most interesting solutions earned awards, honours and expo medals. The list expanded to include Krzysztof Madoń Religious Sculpture Workshop was recognised for its "Way of the Cross", FURDYNA Stained Glass Workshop for "Resurrection" sculptural installation and ART10.PL Monika Frątczak-Rodak Design company for "Way of the Cross in the Szczepanowski Pantheon". The Medals of Honour: the Medal of HE Primate Senior Rev. Cardinal Józef Glemp, Primate of Poland, Rev. Archbishop Wojciech Polak and the Honorary Award of HE Bishop of Kielce Rev. Jan Piotrowski were presented (respectively) Andrzej Burkot Woodcarver's Workshop for the wooden sculptures polychrome technology withthe use of the KIRIKANE gilding technique, the MALATURA company for the murals in the sanctuary of Our Lady of Latyczów, PRAIS and the Kruszewski Brothers Bells Foundry for the tower bells and clocks.

sacroexpo 2018 Find God in what has been made with human hands - Per Artem ad Deum 2018

The Pontifical Council for Culture Medal “Per Artem ad Deum” has been traditionally awarded at SACROEXPO. The laureates fellowship has been expanded to include Aleksander Sokurov "for the consistent use of the powerful artistic authority in quest for answers to questions related to religion in art" and professor Jan Andrzej Kłoczowski "for a profound engagement in the discovery and knowledge dissemination about undiscovered links between theology, philosophy and psychology" A visit to Targi Kielce was the chance to attend the conference and to meet those, whose achievements you appreciate.  The foreword on sacral aspect of films was delivered by rev. Marek Lis PhD. hab. - a member of the ecumenical jury at film festivals including the one in Cannes. His lecture was preceded with the conversation between HE Bishop professor Michał Janocha and Father professor Jan Andrzej Kłoczowski - a professor of philosophy who has been decorated with the Commander's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta. In his speech, the father professor Kłoczowski addressed the problem kitsch in art, including sacred art. - One of the beauty dimensions is its selflessness - he observed. In his speech, father professor Kłoczowski also related to the way God is treated and regarded today. Professor made a parallel to Meister Eckhart's thoughts - in one of his sermons Eckhart compared God to a candle used by some to attain their goals. Having satisfied one's desire, one puts the candle out as it is no longer needed. The lecture on Martin Scorsese's body of works and achievements was delivered by father Michał Legan. What followed was the interview – Irina Tatarova talked to Aleksander Sokurov. Aleksander Sokurov is a Russian director and screenwriter, by the resolution of the European Film Academy, Sokurov was pronounced one of the 100 best directors. - Only void is lies beyond the biblical discussions ...And this is the problem of today's culture. There is just a handful of people share Christian ideals and are thus able to translate them into the language of art - said the director. - No one can stop the cinema and the cinematic message. In order to stop its aggression, a great will of politicians and people who are capable of thinking is really needed. The cinema devours Europe's humanism. Wounds inflicted by thoughtless and thoughtless cinema are not easy to heal. Directors and producers are not interested what mood they put the films recipients in. That is a big responsibility. And a great power - he adds.

sacroexpo 2018 Conference on "Dialogue on Religions"

The first in the conference series on "Dialogue on Religion" was organised under the honorary auspices of the Mayor of Kielce - Wojciech Lubawski. The idea to hold the series proved to be a success. Dilemmas related to the church's and its members’ role in the contemporary world were discussed in the course of the session. "Can we call it the Church crisis?" - this question was  addressed by the meeting participants: Sister Małgorzata Chmielewska, Tomasz Terlikowski PhD. and Father Mirosław Tykfer PhD..- Those who live with the poor clearly see that the world is divided. This division is the Church's problem - adds Sister Chmielewska. Sister Małgorzata reminded us that we are "God's people" and that the Church should live in the community gathered around the Eucharist. - The Church's biggest problem is the communication problem. How can we talk about the word in the culture that thrives upon images? - Tomasz Terlikowski wonders.  Fr Mirosław Tykfer who pointed out that whole Europe's culture is in crisis. The church is also a subject of transformation moderated by Pope Francis.- This is a kind of a positive crisis that we are not yet ready for. Is this deconstruction not going too fast?- he asked. The institutionalization may seem to be the reason for the Church crisis.- he structures, laws and orders
 we have been in have now become too rigid - adds Fr.  Tykfer.

Great meetings within the expos scope

On the second day of SACROEXPO, the Orthodox Archbishop of Przemyśl and Gorlice His Excellency Paisjusz presented the distinctions to exhibitors in recognition of their contribution to religious life. At the distinctions presentation ceremony, His Excellency was accompanied by the bishop Anastazy - the Łódź-Poznań diocese bishop ordinary. This is a historical event - for the first time in almost 20 years the two Orthodox bishops have had the opportunity to meet and visit the SACROEXPO  exhibition together.

The meet the author sessions were an significant part of the expo - these featured Wojciech Cejrowski and Father Marek Dziewiecki.The expo was accompanied with exhibitions, including the one devoted to the Ponidzie chapels.

Save the date for the next edition - 3 to 5 June 2019.