11th International Fair of Welding Technology And Equipment WELDING

stom The INDUSTRIAL SPRING the biggest shows ever - STOM 2016 enjoys a massive success.

Targi Kielce's Industrial Spring - the exhibitions cluster has been held for a number of year in March in Targi Kielce; year after year the event has generated an increased interest. Not only have the expos proven to be a perfect platform to establish new business contacts and relations, but also a good place to sell the machine put on show at the exhibition.

More exhibitors from home and abroad, astounding exhibition space, numerous cutting-edge machines - the Kielce Exhibition of Metal Processing Technologies STOM, EXPO-SURFACE, CONTROL-STOM, PNEUMATICON WIRTOPROCESY, WELDING were hugely impressive. Following many-year tradition, this year's events have been the showcase for 700 companies from Poland, Germany, Turkey, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Denmark, the Netherlands and other countries. The annual STOM is a display for TRUMPF Group's technological innovations and ground breaking products in operation; we meet customers' needs and expectations - said Engineer Andrzej Janiszewski PhD, CEO of TRUMPF Poland - Kielce expo provides the opportunity to meet our clients, listen to their needs, to discuss things clients find most interesting and to know them much better. Our customers are very active, creative and therefore they strengthen their market positions in Poland and in Europe. They are quite optimistic about innovative solutions and happy to replace more traditional technologies. The previous edition of "Industrial Spring" fulfilled both exhibitors' and visitors' expectations.

stom This year's STOM-TOOL was the showcase for a whole array of companies whose offer includes cutting tools and machine-tools accessories. Among exhibitors there were SCHUNK, MMC Hardtmetal, GLAMAR, APX, BAILDON, KARCZ, AQUASTYL and FABA.

The machine tools producers and distributors exhibitors list included: ABPLANALP, HAAS AUTOMATION, DEMATEC, FANUC, GF Machining Solutions, EKOMET, HACO FAT, EUROMETAL, JANUS, KNUTH, MARCOSTA, MDT, CHMER, PREMIUM SOLUTIONS, KOVOSVIT MAS, AVIA, PEGAS-GONDA, Jarocińska Fabryka Obrabiarek [Jarocin Machine Tolls Factory] JAFO, Andrychowska Fabryka Maszyn [Adrychow Machine Factory] DEFUM, PAX, SANISTAL, TOP Poręba.

The STOM-BLECH expo brought together numerous manufacturers of sheet metal processing machines; they put and display top-quality appliances and equipment. Among exhibitors there were TRUMPF, ABH, BLM, ADIGE, POLTEKNIK, BAYKAL, ERMAKSAN, APOLLO, MITSUBISHI, BOSCHERT, ADIRA, PRIMA POWER, POL-SVER, CNC-PROJEKT, AMOB, MVD INAN, SICMI, EHT, TFM.

stom The broadly-defined cutting technology sector "CUTTING" was the presentation platform for the leading manufacturer, and among them: BOMAR, PILOUS. The offer on display did not fall short of laser cutting and plasma cutting machines brought in by, inter alia, TRUMPF, H&S, MAZAK, AMADA, ECKERT AS, POLTEKNIK, STIGAL, AJAN Turkey, POWER-TECH, LaserTec and HYPERTHERM, MAZAK, KT7 CNC.

Grinding technology business sector had also a strong representation in the GRINDING section. The machines and and appliances were put on show by such companies as: STARYS, KBM, Fabryka Narzędzi [Tools Factory] GLOB.

For a number of years the WELDING expo has been highly regarded and has enjoyed great reputation among the companies which join the expo. Not only do they see the expo potentials, but also appreciate the customers who visit the fair. The offer showcased at the expo included welding machines and accessories; there was also a whole assortment of industrial welding robots. The participants list included such companies as: SAP-WELD, TECHNIKA SPAWALNICZA [Welding Technology], HYPERTHERM, CLOOS and KEMPER.

stom Interesting air purification technologies and solutions were presented at the expo stands of the KLIMAWENT and the German KEMPER. Year after year the WirtoProcesy expo and the 3D Printing Days generated a more avid interest. This has been another edition of the WirtoProcesy expo staged in Targi Kielce - it brought together companies which deal with production processes virtualization, scanning and professional prototyping. The expo was a match making platform for such companies and professionals that offer technologically advanced solutions. Therefore WirtoProces has advanced to become Poland's only and most important industry event of its kind.

The fifth edition of the 3D Printing Days was organized by the FabLab Kielce . Owing to the fact that the show has generated a huge interest, this year's edition was a two-day event. The 3D Printing Days held within the scope of Targi Kielce's Industrial Spring is regarded Poland's biggest industry event of this kind. Every consecutive year the event has seen more and more companies which professionally deal with 3D printing. The event held under the auspices of the FabLab Kielce brought together 90 companies from home and abroad - exhibitors presented more than 150, highly professional 3D printers. Some of them use metal as the base material. - more information in The 3D Printing Days section.

Spotkania brokerskie STOM Seminars: the seminars on laser technologies attracted numerous visitors. The sessions focussed on: "Laser processing technology" organized by the Metal Laser Processing Research Centre of Kielce University of Technology and Polish Academy of Sciences and "Laser processing technologies - problems and solutions " as well as the seminar on "Selected issues of modern welding engineering" organized by the Warsaw University of Technology - Faculty of Production Engineering, Welding Engineering Division.

The second and third day saw the "3D Printing Workshop" and ABC Data Conference. Meetings: Match & Meet - B2B business match meetings this is already the fourth edition organized by Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The 63 bilateral meetings brought together 26 companies from Poland, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Romania and the Czech Republic. The organisers collected favourable feedback from the participants; the meetings had generated an avid interest and resulted in establishment of new commercial relations between companies. 

We look forward to seeing you at the next edition of the Targi Kielce's Industrial Spring - STOM 2017, which is to be held in March 2017.